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Sep 11 2012

Five of The Biggest Take Out Food Buzzkills That Happen to All of Us

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All of us have sat in our homes too lazy to cook and yet we’re not lazy to get out there and pick up food.   The fact that we don’t have to actually prepare it has this mental affect on us.  Doesn’t it just so feel like much more of an effort to prepare it than actually having to go get the food (which seems meaningless for some reason)?

Whatever the reason, we’re all pros when it comes to pick up food.   We know what we want, when we want it, and how to get it.   And most times it works out just as we planned.  However, we’ve all also experience the brutal perils of take out food that simply suck.

Here are five major buzzkills that have happened to all of us when getting take out food….

When a key ingredient is missing or is stale

You get Chinese food only to come home and realize that the noodles are completely stale and your soup now sucks.   Or you go to Taco Bell and somehow all of your taco supremes don’t have any sour cream on them.   Or how about when a burger is just too well done and there’s nothing you can do?  Bottom line, it’s those little things that you realize when you get home.  And they suck, big time.

Bag completely rips or you drop it just as you’re at the door

I cannot even tell you how frustrating this us.   And the funny thing is that we’ve all done this.  We’ve all dropped our food and it’s just the worst feeling ever.   It’s even worse when you’re right about to open your door and boom, splat.   Ugh.

Raining or snowing out and you have no umbrella – food suffers

This one is for all you city livers out there.   Most people in urban cities do a lot of walking.   And it’s not like you’re carrying an umbrella at all times.   Boy does it blow when you’ve got your favorite meal in your hands and it gets soaked.  Brutal.

When it’s just too little food

Nothing’s worse than when you’re down to that last bite and you’re starved.   And it’s not like you’ll be happy making more food in your own home.  You want more of what you just bought.  On the contrary too much food is great because you have leftovers.

When you have to sit there and wait

I love the feeling of perfect timing.  I love when a restaurant says it’ll be ready in 10 minutes and I show up 10 minutes later to pick up my food right when it’s supposed to be done.   But how about when you’re sitting there and waiting?  Ugh, that’s the worst.   It’s like you get hungrier by the second and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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