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Sep 10 2012

My Biggest Pet Peeves About Sports Movies

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I recently read an article that talked about the fact that sports movies seem to be dying.   And truth be told, I don’t remember the last good sports movie I saw.   I suppose you can count Moneyball as being a sports movie (which I kind of argue against) but besides that, when the hell was the last really good one?  Seriously.   Personally I think it was For Love of the Game.

And when I mean good ones I’m referring to the Hoosiers, Major League’s, and The Natural’s of the day.   These are movies that exemplified sport, competition, and even accuracy pertaining to their respected sports.   But it’s not like there weren’t crappy sports movies back in those days either.

In fact I’d like to talk about five things that always piss me off in sports movies (when they get it wrong)….

When there are ridiculous team names

This one is kind of minor since a lot of movies hate to have to buy the rights to use a real team name.  But I have to admit it kind of bugs me.   In Any Given Sunday, which is one of my favorite sports movies of all time, they use lame names like the Sharks and Aztecs.   There was just something not genuine about it.   I don’t know how else to explain it.   I don’t mind fake colleges and things like that.  I just don’t like blown up team names being too over the top.

Hiring non athletic actors

This is probably my biggest pet peeve about any sports movie.  I can’t stand it when actors are 100% unathletic and have zero coordination whatsoever.   Remember Legend of Bagger Vance?  Could Matt Damon have a worse golf swing?  I mean really?  Hell I appreciated Zac Effron in High School Musical because at least the kid has basketball skill.   It just irks the hell out of me when you know an actor can’t play a sport and he or she is playing a role where they dominate in said sport.

Inaccurate sports terms, lack of knowledge

You can go too far and screw up an audience by being way too accurate (which I’ve never seen) or you can try to get away with a sports movie by really using no terminology or appropriate lingo at all.  I’m not a big fan of this.   Stupid movies like Air Bud or Eddie are examples of blown up, almost cartoon like stories that are more appropriate for children than sports fans.

When the arenas are a joke

God I can’t stand this.   To me, a big part of sports movies is capturing the emotion of the audience and making them feel like they’re actually living the moment.   Best example I can think of is when Ricky Vaughn comes out to Wild Thing in Major League.  That was a real stadium with real music and felt just as real as a baseball game.   Nothing is worse than when they half ass it and you can 100% tell that the arena is fake and that there isn’t any real audience.



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  • Matthew Thomas

    Am I the only one who noticed that this list of five pet peeves only featured 4 things?



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