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Sep 07 2012

Things to Look Forward to This NFL Season

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The NFL season started the other day, and while we got a pretty intriguing opening game, we’re really looking forward to Sunday when each team kicks it off. As a Browns fan, we’re already looking forward to the draft, but for the other 31 teams, they have visions of a Super Bowl in their head.

But if there’s one thing the Giants-Cowboys game taught us Wednesday night, it should be yet another predictable season, as the Cowboys beat the G-Men at home, giving the defending champs a hole to climb out of.

While one can’t predict what’s going to happen in any football season – though we tried last week with the college scene – there are a certain number of things that will undeniably happen. And whether good or bad, here are a couple of those to look forward to this year.

Twitter Trash Talk

We don’t get why any grown man has to communicate by using a social media device? And though we’re notoriously guilty of insane drunk texts to LeBron James or the strip clubs of the cities we’re in that night, it doesn’t mean a professional football player who gets paid millions of dollars should ever post something that makes you question if they were just as hammered as we were one night. The fact dudes are cool with handing over thousands of dollars worth of fines for 120 characters is beyond us. But you know what? It’s going to happen almost every week this season.

Replacement Refs

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the real NFL referees are locked-out, so we’ve had to endure the painful experience of replacement refs. It’s pretty much a no-brainer these guys are going to mess some sh*t up big time, which could cause more painful bad calls, and should cause much more drunken tirades. There’s only so much you can take of this, this, or that, but be prepared for a heavy dose of it till the real dudes in stripes come back.

The Jets

We thought the J-E-T-S had their turn on Hardknocks a couple years ago? NBC couldn’t write a better sitcom than what the Jets will be going through this season. They already filled headlines thanks to their brash coach Rex Ryan, but now that they’ve added in media Wonderboy Tim Tebow to all the chaos, there’s a good chance the boys in green will be playing football on Sunday’s, while filming their reality show on Wednesday nights. Thanks to the Jets, ESPN might very well explode, so be ready for a system overload.

The Manning Brothers and Aaron Rodgers Commercials

It’s no secret that marketers like high-profile athletes to rep their companies, and there’s few better than these three QB’s. They might not always hit a home run, but lest we forget the ones that do will be talked about for awhile. No one will remember the product, but when a multimillionaire makes a complete ass out of himself, does it really matter?

Your Emotions Getting the Best of You

It can be because your starting fantasy running back and number one quarterback went down in the same week, costing you your $50 buy-in – naturally it will be early in the season – or that your favorite team lost thanks to a boneheaded play that you seriously can’t believe happened. If you’re a football fan, you know to warn your neighbors that Sunday afternoon through Monday night will involve heavy shouting, extra loud expletives, and possibly broken glass somewhere in the street.

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