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Sep 06 2012

Five NFL Players That Would Make Amusing Talk Show Hosts

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I’m sure you all know by now that Michael Strahan has officially joined Kelly Ripa as co-host of her morning show.  I think it’s a nice step for Strahan though I don’t know how a guy with that bad a lisp is a talk show host right now.   But hey, good for him and Strahan is a very charming type of guy and I think he’ll flourish in the role.

So that got me thinking.  What other NFL player have what it takes to be a successful talk show host?  While plenty come to mind, there are five that kind of shoot out to me.

Check out the list after the jump….

Peyton Manning

He’s already proven himself as a host of Saturday Night Live.   And he’s an unbelievably entertaining guy when it comes to commercials.    Plus if it’s between him and Eli it’s definitely Peyton.   Simply because he’s just not as “Gomer Pile” as Eli.  Eli has this weird, stupid, far away look all the time. Granted Eli is a really nice guy but I just don’t think he’d have the chops to be a host of anything.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is another guy that is proving himself on the commercial circuit.  He’s a guy that I think would take a ton of fine tuning but would eventually become pretty good at his job.   Kind of like Jimmy Fallon with his own show.  Most people don’t remember how initially Fallon was horrible.  But now he’s settled into a groove.  I think Rodgers would be the same way.   Plus he has all that practical joker experience that would kick ass on TV.

Jared Allen

Yes, Jared Allen.   The dude has already proven that he has no qualms about making a spectacle of himself.   Have you ever seen this guy sing?  It’s amazing.  He’s so bad that it’s good.   He’s outspoken as hell in interviews.  Plus he’ll kick other players in the balls and talk about it.   Just curb the craziness and you’ve got a really zany talk show host.

*Chad Johnson

I put a star next to his name because Johnson isn’t currently in the NFL right now.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone picked him up mid season for one more hoorah.   The reason I think Johnson would be good is because he’d be great at the “on location” stuff.   Johnson would be involved in all the activities and fun stuff outside the studio.  Plus I think he wouldn’t have a problem sitting next to Kelly.

Drew Brees

The guy’s just too big too fail.

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