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Sep 05 2012

Five Relatively Accurate Movies Depicting Teenage Life

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Every decade or so, teenage life changes a little bit.  What a teenager is now is vastly different than from when I was a teenager and ten years from now it’ll be even more different.  The world is faster, quicker, more nimble, and forces people to grow up faster than they ever imagined.

So in today’s world a 12 year old is more like a 16 year of my day.   Movies try hard to depict the realities of teens but most are completely overblown and too “movie like.”   But not all of them.  Over the years I think there are five movies that depict teenage life pretty accurately……


When I first saw the movie Kids I completely wigged out, as most people did.  Hell the first scene was absolutely disgusting.   But as I watched more and more and I realized this movie was probably closer to the truth than most movies about teens.   I mean a New York City kid strolling around town doing what he does best (sweet talk virgins into bed).   What was so freaky about the movie was the graphic nature and graphic sex of it all.  So much cursing.  So much talk about sex, drugs, and being an adult.   And yet all done by a bunch of “kids.”   Truly a mind blower.


The reason I know this movie rings true is because I hear about the crap that goes on in my niece’s school and she’s 12.   This movie isn’t quite as gratuitous as kids but it explores sex and drugs in a similar fashion.   Bottom line is that as soon as little girls hit that teenage year they want to be women.  Hell they act like women only they’re still kids.   And that’s the dilemma.  They don’t have the emotional understanding that we adults do, but they act like and think they do.   Thirteen does a great job explaining this.

Project X

I thought Project X was pretty awesome.  Granted a party like this is NEVER going to happen, the actual teenage stuff AKA lingo and actions were pretty accurate depictions of teenage life these days.   I like the concept of these loserish kids throwing a kick ass party and becoming legends.   But the parts I thought were realistic were the drugs, music, sex talk, all that crap.   If anything it’s a fun movie to watch.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times really brought real high school life into the eyes of millions of movie watchers.   Most 80s movies depicts kids in blazers and doing coke.   Fast Times hit all the issue.  Sex, drugs, pregnancy, you name it.   It was one of the first movie to have teenage nudity as well.   Bottom line is that this movie put its balls out there and told it like it really was at that time.

Dazed and Confused

I have no idea if 70s teenage life was like this but I know this movie absolutely rocked.   I’d like to think it’s accurate though!


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