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Sep 04 2012

The Best Things About A Three Day Weekend

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So as you know, this past weekend gave us one extra day off, which means we got a real opportunity to relax, while recognizing a great American holiday. Okay, let’s get real, no one really knows why we get Labor Day off, and all it really means is that we get an extra day to sleep off our hangovers and try to enjoy one last summer day before the fall swoops in.

As if you don’t already know why people circle three-day weekends on their calendars each year, we’re telling you exactly why an extra day makes a world of difference in the eyes of any person who loves having fun.

That Extra Day of Raging

By far the most obvious one, you no longer have to limit yourself to raging from Thursday through Saturday. That one little extra day off means you get to go hard on Sunday night too, so it’s basically like taking the entire week to get sh*tcanned. People that use the extra day to relax or shop should be berated until they come to their senses. After all, you only get a few of these things each year, so stock up, and get after the damn thing.

Next Week Will Be a Complete Joke

Whether you’re in college, or just punching into work each day, you can all but count out any productivity getting done – unless you’re one of those people who thinks it can be beneficial. Instead of your normal Monday routine of coffee and reading your favorite internet sites till lunch, you can pull that crap on Tuesday’s now, while making the week breeze by. Oh, and instead of having to deal with five days of mind numbing torture, you only have to deal with four – as if you didn’t already know that?

It’s Really Nice Out

No one likes cold weather, so before it finds its way here, get outside and take advantage of it. Summer and fall is the nicest weather of the year – with everyone looking their best and stockpiling meat for BBQ’s. Yep, the year’s winding down, and pretty soon you’ll be back layering clothes and wiping off your car windows. But hey, at least you have these days/nights to enjoy drinking with friends now! Go load up on grilling stuff, grab some beers, and kick back on this extra day off.

An Extra Day of Procrastination

Sure, this ties into everything we’ve listed above, but it’s pretty damn important so we had to list it. Instead of putting all of your assignments off until Sunday night, or set your “to-do” list Monday morning, now you can put them off until Monday night following a five-day drinkfest. This frees up time to effectively rage, and when not drinking, to do whatever the hell you want. So we hoped you enjoyed your three day weekend, got drunk, and put everything off until the last possible second… we know we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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