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Sep 04 2012

Five Complete Waste of Time All Day Things I want to do At least Once

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When I saw that a guy actually put a Youtube video up that showed nothing but him counting to 100,000 I knew that there was really nothing left for the internet.   Seriously.  I mean what the hell else can we see people doing that could be any more meaningless?  I realize the second I wrote that, that there are plenty of things.

But it got me thinking.   I, like many of you have wasted years of my life doing things that were repetitive (watching the same shows again, masturbating), pointless, mundane, you name it.  And frankly I’ll just keep wasting my time.  It’s a privilege of life.   However, what time wasters are left that I may never get to but want to?

Here are five that I think we should all try….

Count to 100,000

Sure, why not?  As a kid you always want to see how far you can count right?  Why not take the plunge and just go for it?  I think the most I’ve ever counted to was in the eight hundreds and that was to waste time while I was at the DMV.   But perhaps one day I’ll actually make the effort….or not.

Watch every episode of Seinfeld without stopping

This would take more than a day but ideally over say a 9 week span, take a season a day for 2 months.   That would be fun.  The reason it’s a waste of time is that I’ve seen each episode at least 20-30 times each already so why even bother?  I don’t know man.  I just wanna do it.

Beat a Selection of 10 old school Nintendo Games

I think I’d actually love this one.  The reason it’s a waste is because I’ve already beaten most of the Nintendo games I wanted to when I was a kid.  But how fun would it be to beat Contra, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Mario Brothers, and others just one more time and all in one day?  It would be glorious.

Watch the entire Police Academy library

Everyone’s done the Rocky series.  Star Wars is done.  Harry Potter.  The Matrix.  You name it.   But me?  I want Police Academy.  And yes that includes the seventh movie:  Mission to Moscow.   I tell you it would be really hard getting through 4 and 6 but I think the others would be pretty enjoyable.

Find out about every girl I ever had sex with and see them now

This would be too much digging and God forbid all of them are really hot now.  That would suck.  Though it’d be cool to see them all be failures.

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