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Sep 03 2012

Five Foods that Psychologically Work for Hangovers but Probably Don’t

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten college drunk.   I guess that term to me means a night where I was completely bombed and woke up the next day feeling absolutely horrible.   You know, those kind of hangovers where you’re just not getting away with recovery for at least a few days?  And now that I’m in my 30s with a child?  Yeah, it’s more like a week.   That’s why now you really gotta pick and choose those heavy drinking days.

Anyway, why is it that we always tend to go after certain foods on hangover days?   Granted there are properties to these foods that do in fact help (to an extent) with the recovery process but most if not all times these foods are horrible for you.

Here are five foods I always tend to go to when I’m hungover…..

Egg Sandwich

Hell I love egg sandwiches on a normal day let alone when I’m hungover.   There were hungover days where I ate a few of these bad boys back to back.   Of course I was in the bathroom an hour later wondering why the hell I did it but still.   There’s something about that butter, bacon, roll, cheese, you name it that makes it such a hangover delicacy.


You know it’s bad when you eat two ramens in one shot.  Funny thing is that there’s so much sodium in these packages that it makes you even more dehydrated.   I’m pretty sure it’s the nasty amount of fat in the noodles that makes this such an appealing hangover food.

Meatball Sub from Subway

Try it guys/girls.  I don’t know what it is about the footlong meatball sub but it seems to do wonders for a hangover.  I think it’s because when you’re done it induces some sort of coma.

Greasy Pizza

Just like we love pizza when we’re out drunk, we tend to love eating pizza when we’re hungover too.   Wait a second.  Is there ever a time that we don’t like to eat pizza?  Nope.

Fast Food

I put “fast food” here because there’s just way too many to choose from.   These foods provide instant relief but make you pay tenfold later on in the day.


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