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Aug 31 2012

Five Reasons Why I Will Never Retire

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I have the retirement discussion with a bunch of friends both recently and in the past.   And I always end up with the same answer to “will you ever retire?”  The answer is no.  However, there’s a big distinction between slowing down and completely stopping work.   In say 20-30 years I do hope to be doing way less but I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop working completely.   Frankly it would be too boring.

Retirement to me is just a “fad.”  It’s a buzzword that government and politicians and financial analysts use to dupe us into saving money like crazy and freak out about our financial accounts.  Bottom line is that I like what I do.  Why stop it?  What I really want, and frankly what I think most people want is the option to stop working.

Meaning if you want to take a day off you can and not worry about it.  I’m not nearly at that point but to me, that’s what retirement should be.  Anyway, here are five reasons I’ll never retire….

Science tells me not to

First of all there is no physical reason to retire.  Unless you’re in really poor health it just doesn’t make sense.  Continued work can support healthy aging, including better physical and mental health.  And let’s not forget that well-being and happiness are boosted when people are engaged in challenging and meaningful activities. Work is a major place to find such activities in our society.

It’s simply way too boring

Have you ever had a stint of say a week where you’re cooped up in bed watching TV with nothing to do?  Think about that but only for the rest of your life.  You might think you’ll plan out these elaborate days in retirement but let’s not kid ourselves.  If we were lazy before we’d be lazy again.   Your days might consist of sitting on your ass time after time and eventually you’ll get sick of it.

Mentoring my son and others

Who knows what kind of man I’ll be in my later years but you can be sure I’d want to mentor my children and others in terms of guiding their own careers.  I don’t want them to get sucked up in the media and all the crap we’re lead to believe.   That to me takes time.  And that’s a challenge.  Something I wouldn’t consider being retirement.

Money is fun to have and spend

Retirement puts undue pressure on us all to earn money so that we have money when we’re not working.   But what if you never had that worry?  Like I said, ideally the situation is to work less, not entirely stop.   Or better yet, have the option to work less or stop.   Why stop earning money?  It’s fun to have.

Life without Challenge is no fun

As stated before, when people are engaged in challenging and meaningful activities, happiness is boosted.


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