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Aug 30 2012

Five Practical Real World Skills College Teaches You

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Looking back on college I realize how fantastic an experience it all was.  But whenever I look back on that experience I’m always thinking of the drinking, the parties, the girls, and basically how fun a time I had with all of my friends.  Rarely if ever do I look back on it from an educational perspective.   And I never, ever look back on it as a time where I “prepared” for the real world.

Granted that’s simply my own experience but I would imagine that many folks out there probably share my sentiment.   However, upon further reflection I do realize that there were some things I learned that probably helped me a little bit in the real world.

Here are five that stick out to me…..

How to Cook For Yourself

Granted the ways in which we cooked for ourselves in college were primitive and most times flat out disgusting, we did start to acquire an independent skill we would need starting off in the real world.   Whether it was Ramen or using the George Foreman grill, at least we learned to make meals quickly and efficiently despite how bad they were.

Budgeting Skills

Buying beer is buying beer.   Getting alcohol is getting alcohol.  For others buying drugs is buying drugs.   No matter what the purchase, if college taught me one thing, it was budgeting.  College was a precursor to coupon clipping and finding the best deals online.   Think about it.  You were always looking for the best happy hour, or 50 cent night.   You knew how to save.  You knew how to budget.   Those skills are still used today.   Hell you even had to pay some bills like cable and electric right?

Interviewing Skills

I’m speaking purely from a social perspective here.  However, fellas, any time you were hitting on a girl trying to get her into the sack you were improving your interviewing skills.  Some of you were better than others but if you had the gift to coax a woman into bed then you surely had the skills to impress a perspective employer.

Crappy Apartment Living

Most if not all of my friends lived in dingy apartments during college.  And most if not all my friends lived in dingy apartments when starting off in the real world after college.   It kind of helps to have done it first at school.

Social Drinking conventions

If anything you clearly learn what NOT to do in the real world.  Basically anything your friend, “that guy” did in college you simply don’t do in the real world or it’s your ass.  Same goes for college.  Acting like a jackass usually gets you into trouble AKA fights or kicked out of a bar.   Same thing applies in the real world.



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