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Aug 27 2012

Five Sounds That You Both Love and Hate

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In life, there’s a huge component of context in everything we do.   There are certain situations and problems we face that in one light can seem like an extreme positive and in another a negative.   It’s simply a matter of where we’re placing these situations and what context we put them in.

The same goes for other aspects in our lives.   Aspects like our senses.   There are times we love the smell of bacon and for some reason times we don’t.  Granted it’s not often we don’t like the smell of bacon but you know what I mean.  And one sense that tends to drive us up the wall is sound.

I find that these give sounds can be both soothing but also annoying as hell depending on the context….

A baby’s cry

Believe it or not when a baby cries it’s not always a bad thing.   In fact when a baby is a newborn a cry can be one of the cutest sounds out there.   Then again, if said cry goes on for more than 20 minutes?  Yeah it’s a little annoying.   And if that cry is for bad reason then yeah, it’s even worse.  But surprisingly enough, a baby’s cry is pretty adorable when taken at face value (whatever that means).

The sound of your own fart

I’ll break it down to you.  If you’re in the privacy of your own home or around your friends, hearing your own fart is awesome.  It’s funny.  You make yourself and most likely others laugh.   Farts are just a funny sound, period.  But you know when they’re horrible?  If someone you don’t like farts.  Or if you fart in a situation where you know it’s extremely embarrassing.  Then it’s one of the worst sounds ever.

A Burp

Nothing satisfies me more than the sound of my own burp.  It means “job well done” as far as I’m concerned.  But like farts, if someone less desirable than me is burping then I tend to find it quite repulsive.  Isn’t it weird how that phenomenon works? I mean, shouldn’t I like the sound of all burps?  I guess not.


When you’re inside and safe from harm, rain can be an extremely soothing sound.   But how about when it’s a nice day out and then all of a sudden a downpour occurs?  The sound of rain ain’t so great then is it….

A Buzzer/Alarm/Bell

You would think that the sound of a bell, alarm, or buzzer would always be bad right?  Wrong.   You’re probably just thinking in terms of your own alarm which is torture in the morning.  But how about the sound of a bell when food is ready?  What about when the game is over and your team has won?

Again, it’s all about context.




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