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Aug 23 2012

6 People You Can’t Stand Driving Near on the Road

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Just the other day I read a great piece on people you hate on the road by the guys over at Brobible.   And while I’ve touched upon this subject many times over in the past, I never really consolidated it into one solid article.  Eh, maybe I have but it’s still worth revisiting.   While the guys at Brobible focused on specific characteristics of people and even car or vehicle types, I’m touching upon a more “overall” point of view.

So here are my pics for six people you can’t stand driving near on the road….

The Drafter/Weaver

This is the guy who seems to think that he’s in NASCAR.   He’ll constantly be up your ass just waiting for the moment to break away and pass you.  And then he’ll do the same thing when he gets ahead of you.  I love when these schmucks do it in traffic too.   They wind up getting maybe 20 feet ahead.  It’s just not worth the energy.   I’m just glad I haven’t been hit by one of these guys yet.

The Texter

In this day and age, if you see a person who is 100% not in their lane and keeps swerving back and forth, chances are they are texting.  It’s just a fact of life and a really shitty one at that.  I would just rather all people who text while driving be put in jail and end it all.

The Talker

If they’re not texting then they’re probably yapping on the phone.  What I find amazing is that talking on your cell is actually legal if you use hands free.  It’s legal! So why the hell would you feel the need to break the law and hold your phone?  It makes absolutely zero sense.

The Non Signaler

These are the jackasses who change lanes without signaling.  I compare these people to the people who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them.   I mean seriously.  How hard is it to turn on the signal to your car to let someone know you’re changing lanes?  Ridiculous.

The Wait till the Last Minute to Merge Guy

Ever been in traffic and know that you’re going to exit?  You’re in line with about 100 other cars doing the same thing?  There’s always that person who goes as far as the lane will allow in order to get as ahead of the pack as he can.   Meanwhile he’s basically cutting off 50 cars who are obeying the rules.   I’ll admit it.  I’ve been that guy before but man do I hate seeing it happen.

The Cyclist

Suffice it to say I hate seeing any person on a bicycle on the road.  Period.   Just stop it and use a track will ya?

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