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Aug 22 2012

My Six Personal First Date Deal Breaker Picks

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There have been plenty of articles written about faux pas on a first date.  Explorations of what a male can do wrong and what a female can do wrong have been well documented.   Still though, I think every person can bring some fresh perspective into the whole thing.  I like an article written by Guyism on the subject and when I read it I decided that it was time for me to share some of my own insights.

It’s not that I’ve been on a zillion first dates but I certainly have been on enough where a girl has pissed me off to the point that I would never call her again.  Below you’ll find six first date situations in which the female would never, ever get a call back…..

“I’m the kind of person who”

This is probably my biggest bugaboo upon meeting not only a girl on a first date but probably anyone.   If I ever hear the line “I’m the kind of person who” it just pisses me off.  If I’ve known someone a very long time then it’s fine but if I’m just meeting you?  Please don’t tell me who you are.  Show me.  And I’ve personally found that females who use this line often wind up being absolutely horrible.   Trust me, it’s true.

Not reaching for the wallet during check time

I would never expect a female to pay for our meal, movie, or whatever event we decide to do on our first date, but if she’s not reaching for her wallet when the check comes then I’m automatically pissed.  I mean at least make the illusion that you’re going to be 50% of the relationship.   Don’t be some needy, snooty, expectations kind of a gal.  Show me the money and I’ll be even more generous.

Mean to the Help

Nothing pisses me off more than when a date is mean to a waiter, server, bus boy, you name it.  It’s just wrong.  Flat out mean.  And it’s a sign of horrible things to come.   Chances are this is a very selfish, entitled, bossy type of a girl who you just don’t need in your life.

Too Much Make Up

There’s nothing wrong with a little make up to spruce up the face.   But I’m talking the gallons and oozing make up types.   The types where you really don’t have a clue what the person looks like.   Granted this would most likely happen on a blind date but it’s still kind of gross and I’m not a fan.


Sorry, I just can’t stand that stuff.

Falling in love too fast

If a female is ranting and raving about past relationships and about what they’re looking for be careful.  And if you can tell she’s latching on too fast it could be a dangerous sign of someone who is just a little more than you might need at this point.  Nothing wrong with hitting it off and having strong feelings for each other.   And I’m a big fan of the call the next day if I like the person.  But sometimes a little much can be a little much.


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