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Aug 20 2012

Seven Unexpected Annoying Things that Happen While Working on a Computer

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I’m a person who still uses a PC and probably always will because I’m simply too lazy to learn to use a Mac.   So today I don’t really want to dwell on the fact that most PCs wind up crapping out on you at some point or another.   I’d rather not focus on Windows versions and their errors.

Today I just want to talk about some of the unexpected crap that comes with being a person that works on a computer.  Crap that you simply never expect to happen that inevitably does at one point or another….

Browser Freezes Up or Crashes

You’re looking at your favorite porn video and everything on your browser just stops.  Your cursor can still move.  But all of a sudden you can’t click on anything.  You can’t type anything.  All you can do is manually shut down the process by pressing Control Alt Delete.   How much does that suck?  And the thing is, you basically never know why this happens.

Your Computer locks up for no reason whatsoever

An even worse problem than a browser crashing is when your computer just freezes on its own.   Usually when this starts happening it’s time to look at your computer.  But you try to hold on as long as you can until eventually the thing is fried.

The Power Goes Out

So your computer works.  Your internet works.  Everything is hunky dory and then boom, a storm hits and a power line goes down.   Don’t you just hate when stuff is out of your hands?  Nothing you can do but wait for the power company to clean up the mess.

Internet Goes Down

Nothing is worse than looking at your modem and seeing the light not blink anymore.   Every time it happens I think the worst even though it’s something that’s usually resolved pretty quickly.

Something doesn’t save and you lose data

Ugh, I hate when this happens.  It’s usually because of a browser or something weird that’s outside of your own computer but how much does it suck?   Or how about when all of a sudden your printer stops working?  Stuff like that.


This is obvious but I had to mention it.  I think we’ve all dealt with computer viruses at one point or another.  They suck.  Let’s move on.

The Dreaded Blue Screen!

Oh come on we’ve all had this.

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  • The Doctor

    That damn Zeus and his power outages! But on a lighter note, you could always install ubuntu (you can even do it through windows now)
    and ALL of those problems will disappear. I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu with Gnome, everything just works perfectly. I have windows for games and Ubuntu for everything else.

  • http://None Bob Zowaki

    You should really give Linux a try, it never crashes check out Ubuntu and say good by to the ‘Blue Screen of Death’.



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