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Aug 17 2012

7 Random Assumptions I Make about People Who Like Cats More than Dogs

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To this day I am still dumbfounded that there are people out there that actually like cats over dogs.   It’s not that I don’t have respect for these people.  It’s not even that I dislike them because in general I probably don’t.   It’s just that I feel like these people are so unbelievably different from me that it would be hard for me to relate to them.

I just don’t get it.   How is a cat in any way better than a dog?  And you know something?  I don’t have any irrefutable evidence suggesting that dogs are better but come on!   Dogs are better than cats.  It’s just a fact isn’t it?  Isn’t it?

Anyway, I thought I’d come up with a list of assumptions I make about cat people.  Enjoy it after the jump….

More likely to be Vegans

Doesn’t it just seem more likely?  I mean come on.   Dog lovers definitely like to eat steak.  Cat lovers have to be more salad type people.

They love coffee shop music

I don’t even know what coffee shop music is.  I think it’s that Jack Johnson bohemian type of style.  Nothing wrong with it.  I just think a cat love would like it more.

They are very into running and running outfits

I don’t know if cat loving and running are synonymous with each other but I feel like a cat lover runs for distance.  A dog lover runs hard with their dog and does it rough.   Does that many any sense?

They seem more likely to be bumper sticker people

I rarely see dog lovers with bumper stickers saying how much they love their dogs.  I mean I do on occasion but you’re more likely to see a cat person have one of these.

Would own T Shirts of their own cats

I know this because I’m well aware of the insane cat sites out there and how much money they pull in from merchandise.

More likely to put animals ahead of people

You know the types that treat their animals than they treat you?  Dog and cat lovers are guilty of this but cat lovers more so.

Taste in television is way worse

I have no idea what cat lovers watch but it just can’t be the same stuff that I do.


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3 responses so far

  • Kormoran

    I do own a cat, and:
    1. I’m not into any vegan kind of bullshit – if I don’t get my fair share of juicy meat everyday, I’m mad.
    2. I don’t even know what “coffe shop music” is. Rock’n'roll. Only rock’n'roll.
    3. I believe running (when you’re not chasing anybody or being chased by somebody) is stupid as fuck. And I wouldn’t wear runner outfit even if it was Salma’s Hayek irresistible turn on.
    4. Bumper stickers? Nope.
    5. My pet t-shirt? Not even close.
    6. I don’t put animals ahead of people – most of animals are stupid/mean/retarded. Just like humans. But yes, I put my cat ahead of 99% population of Earth. Don’t you with your dog?
    7. I don’t watch TV. Don’t even own one. So you can describe my taste in television as “outstanding”.

    0/7…nice try though.

  • volcrush

    own a cat. i’d wear a cat shirt, but that’s bout it. they’re just easy to take care of. won’t go on short vacation? just dump bunch of food in bowl. stay out late at girls place, never have to say “oh i need to get back and let out my cat before it pisses and shits all over the house” have noticed decent amount of girls are allergic to them though

  • Alexis

    *Certified cat lover*
    Cats don’t have to be walked.
    Cats don’t drool. (most of them don’t anyways)
    Cats don’t sit & stare at you while you eat! (most)
    Cats purr…
    Cats don’t eat feces their own or otherwise.
    Cats don’t bark…

    1. Just because I love cats/animals in general does not mean I’m going to turn down a good chunk of meat. I’m a carnivore!

    2. I like all genera of music.

    3. I HATE running… As for “running hard & doing it rough” I think you might have your people mixed up there, I would think cat people are more likely to be “hard & rough” or maybe that’s just me/”the quiet type” And I would have to be paid a large amount of money to be in a running outfit.

    4. I am a sticker person in general, but yes… I do have a lot of bumper stickers on my truck! So in my case, you’re right there.

    5. I would defiantly have a t-shirt made with my cats on it. After buying new computer equipment & video games of course.

    6. I am a furry. So animals mean just as much to me as people. An animal to me (as far as live-in size goes) is like an infant. They depend on you for their food/shelter/love… Animals deserve as much respect as any human! And if you disagree you should not own an animal in my opinion!

    7. I don’t watch T.V.

    So 2 1/2 right out of 7 in my case.



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