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Aug 16 2012

Rules About Wearing Sports Attire Recreationally

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This post was written by Leo Parker

It goes without saying that many people choose to wear sporting attire even when they’re not playing sports – this is a fashion fact of life so there’s nothing to be gained by getting worked up about it! From a sartorial point of view, wearing sporting attire in one’s own leisure time may seem abhorrent but, truth be told, there are certain types of sporting clothing that has become acceptable to wear recreationally – and, before you say it, no, the dapper shell suit pictured is not one such item.

Fashion is a funny thing and it has long overlapped with the world of sport because people want to be able to show their allegiance to certain sporting teams through their choice of clothing and will wear their team’s jersey with pride. But which types of sporting clothing are acceptable away from the arena of sport and into the arena of fashion…?

Acceptable – Bowling Shirts

If Charlie Sheen taught us anything during his stint as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men (and I like to think he taught us a lot) then it is that men’s bowling shirts are certainly an acceptable fashion item and, in some cases, may make you a hit with the ladies*. Bowling is a sport enjoyed by many, mastered by few (such as Ernie McCracken) but it is safe to say that bowling shirts are something that can be enjoyed by all!
* Charm, charisma and sexual appeal may be required.

Unacceptable – Baseball Jerseys (if you’re obese)

Why you’d want to admit to being a Cubs fan is one thing, why you’d endeavor to squeeze your ample frame into such a painfully undersized baseball jersey is quite another.
Baseball shirts MAY be acceptable fashion attire if you’re an incredibly confident and stylish fellow (which the chap pictured may be, who knows?) but, as a general rule of thumb, you should probably err on the side of caution the next time you’re planning on wearing a baseball jersey outside of the confine of you home.

Acceptable – Polo Shirts

Achieving the ultimate goal for sporting attire – becoming a mainstream fashion item! Go polo shirts! Safe to say that we’ve all got at least one polo shirt in our wardrobes (probably more) and this just goes to show what sporting attire can achieve when they’re actually stylish Polo shirts don’t require the wearer to be master of homo-equine relations (this is a term I’ve just coined and almost certainly isn’t accurate or even exists) but you’ll certainly score a few more style points if you can master the polo field.

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