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Aug 15 2012

Anthony Davis vs. LeBron: Whose Had the Better Year?

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If you’ve been paying attention, its been quite the year for some athletes. And though Tim Tebow seems to grab all the headlines now that he’s in NYC – no matter what he’s doing, there’s some other guys that bump him off the pedestal as King of Sports.

While our hate for LeBron James is well documented – hey, we’re from Cleveland – there’s no denying he’s been on Cloud Nine since mid-June after he finally captured his first NBA Title. Toss in there league and Finals MVP, and an Olympic gold medal, and you’d think he was a gold trader with all that jewelry.

But for everything Bron Bron’s done, the new kid on the block is Anthony Davis. In the past year, the UK product – and if experts are right, the next NBA star – hasn’t had a shabby year himself. Winning the National Title for a blue-blood program, earning numerous Player of the Year Awards, and becoming the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft. Oh yeah, he too got a gold nugget around his neck at the Olympics.

With the two having such dominant years, we asked ourselves, “Who’s had the better one?” Since it’s too close to call, we considered the other factors to help decide.

LeBron Lives in Miami, Davis in NOLA

Have you ever been to Miami? No matter what a chick looks like, you can bet she’s flaunting her goods – which can be good or bad. New Orleans is cool to visit and get obliterated on occasion, but Miami’s paradise. Choosing NOLA’s like saying you’d rather eat soy than a filet mignon because you have a hard time cutting through meat. Get serious, bro.

Edge: Bron

Davis Singlehandedly Made Unibrow’s Cool

Not since the Beatles have we seen someone turn the no-pluck into something that’s cool. It’s not the greatest look out there, but we’re pretty sure Davis still pulled some serious ass while running around UK campus. While Bron tweezes, tries to hide his receding hairline, and looks pretty for the camera, Davis shaves basketball’s off the glass by swatting the hell out of fools.

Edge: Davis

LeBron Plays With Two All-Stars, Davis With a “JV Select Team”

Davis may someday play with some big name stars – and his might actually be organically put together – while Bron plays with guys like D-Wade and Chris Bosh. While the verdict’s still out on them, would you rather take Austin Rivers and Eric Gordon over those guys? Nah, didn’t think so.

Edge: Bron

Davis is Still a Little… Too Normal

James in an untouchable figure. He’s polarizing and for the most part, keeps to himself. No surprisingly, Davis is more down to earth. The whole unibrow thing, paired with him not being able to handle a spicy chicken wing is fun and all, but when Davis actually forgot to wear his USA jersey during the Nigeria game, we had to burst his bubble in this debate. That’s beyond normal, that’s just F’in stupid. If he learns how to get dressed, maybe Davis can someday level up to Bron, but as it stands, James has had the better year.

Edge: Bron

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