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Aug 14 2012

Four Reasons Why We Check Our Email So Much

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In 2010, Royal Pingdom, which monitors Internet usage, said that 107 trillion e-mails were sent.  A report in 2011 from the Radicati Group, a market research firm, found that there were 3.1 billion active e-mail accounts in the world. The report noted that, on average, corporate employees sent and received 105 e-mails a day.  As for the 2012 report, we’re still not done with 2012 but I think you get my point.  By the way, here’s a great article on the subject.

Email and electronic communication is simply where we’re at these days.   It’s a shame the world has become less personal.  That’s not to say there aren’t those brave souls who still use phones and talk to people in person.  And it’s not that all of us abuse these electronic gifts.

But I can guarantee you that all of us have at least checked our email 50 times in a day at least once.   But why do we do it?  What are the reasons behind it?  I’ve got five that make sense….

We hate our jobs that much

When you think about it most people out there don’t like their jobs.   And when most people are stuck in cubicles and offices that feel like prisons they’ll do most anything to kill the time.  Email has quickly become one of the most popular time wasters out there.   I tell ya if I ever worked for a company that blocked certain sites and email accounts I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself.

We’re that lazy

Could it be that we’re simply that lazy now?  That rather than actually getting out and doing something we’d rather sit in front of a screen all day?  Are we that impersonal that we’d rather type than talk?  That we’d rather read than look at someone’s face?  I mean it’s fine if you hate the person but come on.   I honestly think that the technological age has made people 100% lazier.   Granted I’m a fan of technology but there are always drawbacks.

It’s Addictive

The plain and simple fact of email is that it’s addictive.   There have been countless studies done on email and many of them report similar findings to addictions to porn.   There are parts of the brain that get stimulated when an email pops into an inbox.   Centers of the brain that we want to continue to stimulate.  So it’s as if every email we receive creates hunger for another email…and another.

It makes us feel busy and important

This is the worst one of them all but it’s true.   We live in a busy world these days.  A world where in order to feel important you have to be busy.  For whatever reason it seems that simply relaxing (which is actually very good for the body) means you are lazy.   But if you’re always doing stuff then you feel like you have a place in the world.  Email is certainly representative of being busy which in turn is a sign of self worth to the world.   Pretty sad if you ask me but even I’ve felt that getting a ton of emails means I’m worthy enough for society.




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