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Aug 13 2012

Do You Think You Can Break Through In Your Career?

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“Breaking Through” is what I call the point at which all the shit work actually pays off. You see, there’s a reason that some people make it and some people don’t. At times it’s luck but for the most part it’s those people that continue to do what’s necessary day after day after day after day until that work puts them in a place where the work isn’t nearly as hard anymore and their job comes easier to them.

For example, there are the guys that cold call every day for a month, bitch about how much they hate cold calling and it’s not for them and they quit, have 16 jobs in their lives and don’t get anywhere. And then there’s the guy that cold calls every single day and puts his head down for 3 years straight until he has himself a business where cold calling becomes something of the past. At that point people are actually calling him. It’s this guy who is way happier in his job. It’s this guy that broke through. And this is cold calling I’m talking about which is probably the worst thing ever.

But in any career or any walk of life, until you can break through you’ll never be satisfied with what you do because you haven’t worked hard enough yet to see the benefits. And if you never see the benefits? Yeah, then you can quit. That or you just completely wasted your time.

So how will you break through???

Breaking through is way easier said than done.  You can have a plan.  You can be psyched.  And you can work hard for a week.  But do you have what it takes to work at it for years?  That’s the tough part.   Here are five tips on breaking through…..

Put your head down and just “do” – No distractions

Set limits on checking email.   Make a schedule.   Get organized.  Do whatever the hell you have to do in order to not get distracted.  It’s a discipline and it takes a lot of time to learn but you can learn it.   It may take a while but it must become second nature that work time is work time.  Don’t diddle around on Facebook or be on the phone.   Get your ass to work when you know you should be working.

Recognize what constitutes a waste of time and what doesn’t

Put it this way.  If you’re doing something over and over and over again for weeks on end and it doesn’t get you anywhere?  It’s probably a waste of time.  But remember, with everything you try you really have to test it out.   You can’t just try something for half a day and decide it’s not working.   Really put in 100% and if it still sucks?  Don’t do it.  Time is your biggest friend and what you do with it is crucial.

Do the things you hate

This one sucks but it might be the most important element to this entire piece.   I haven’t met one person that loved every facet of their job.  And I sure as hell never met an entrepreneur who loved the long hours in the beginning.  People hate plenty of elements to their job.  Sometimes it’s those elements that allow you to break through.   As I said before, cold calling sucks but if you do it long enough,  you’ll eventually have a business and not have to do it anymore.

See it through no matter what

This one is tough but it’s a good lesson to learn.   No matter how much you hate it or how difficult it is, whatever goal you set, see it through to the end.  It will make any other endeavor you enjoy that much more rewarding.

Make short goals to get to the main goal

Sometimes a huge goal is too daunting.  If you say “I want to make a million dollars” thinking of that goal in those terms may never happen.  But if you say “I want to make 100 grand within 2 years” and then followed by “200 grand in 5″ etc etc you’ll be on your way.   Having it all said in one shot can be a scary thought.

Take your breaks

As hard as you’re going to need to work, you’re going to have to have downtime.  Use it wisely.  And make sure you do in fact use it.   Overkill can be a horrible thing.   You gotta de-stress.

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