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Aug 10 2012

Ten Simple Reasons Your Life is Better than you Think it Is

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In the wake of something like the Dark Knight shootings that happened a few weeks ago or other worldly catastrophic events that create death, you tend to think about the live you lead.   And in most cases you become thankful that you are alive and you realize that some of the stuff you worry about isn’t nearly as big a deal as it was the day before.

What sucks is that it takes very little time for you to go back to “normal.”  And by normal I’m referring to the constant bitching and complaining that we normally do.   You’re no longer thankful and you have to wait until the next disaster to put things into perspective.

But wouldn’t it be nice to think this way all the time?  Here are 10 things to be thankful for right now…..

1.  You are reading this article therefore you are alive and are fortunate

2.  100% of the time someone out there is in worse shape than you are… in more ways than one

3.  You’re online you idiot.  That means you paid your internet and phone bill.

4.  You have a television.  Do you realize how many people in the world don’t have a television?

5.  You have a relative or a friend out there you can talk to.   There are millions of people out there without parents or friends or any relatives at all.

6.  You have a roof over your head right now

7.  You are free – not too many countries allow freedom like we do

8.  You slept on a bed last night – think about how many people didn’t

9.  You get to have sex – well, some of you.  But isn’t that awesome?

10. Now Fill in another 10 reasons….

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