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Aug 07 2012

Why Starbucks is Better Than Your Online Dating Account

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It seems everybody has an opinion on Starbucks these days. “They’re so overpriced,” “I’d rather buy mine locally,” or “Dude, coffee sucks.” We get the complaints, but honestly, setting up shop at one of the hundreds of franchises within a stones throw has nothing to do with any of that.

If you think writing for a website is all about sitting around in your pajamas in front of Sportscenter reruns, well, you’re only half right. A major perk is when finally deciding we actually want to wear pants, or see the sun shine, is being able to work from anywhere, while getting tons of inspiration from the random people around you – and there’s no better place than the ‘Bucks.

As you’ve probably noticed, the chicks that filter in and out of that place during the day are insane! Here are a couple reasons why you should drop the beef with how corporate it is, get rid of that dating account, and head over there… it may just land you that girl you see all over town, and you don’t need some damn username to land her!

The Unassuming Intern

We’ve all been there before. After thinking we scored an internship that’s going to benefit our career, we’re left being the runt that’s making six runs a day to grab coffee for the Execs. It may have sucked back when you did it, but now that you’re bringing in solid coin, you can feast on the poor souls that are assigned such tasks. As a regular customer, you’ll see a lot of the same people, so it’s only a matter of time til you make your move on the one you want.

A Girls Drama

Thanks to girls pretty much being completely insane, they typically like to get together and talk about each other’s problems. Well guess what Casanova? There’s almost no better place for a chick to talk it out over a caramel frappuccino than at old reliable. There’s something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the processed coffee cake that makes girls comeback for more!

Are the girls vulnerable? Usually. Should you be on edge? Absolutely. Coming on too strong almost all but admits that you’ve been creepily listening in on their convo, so play it straight Captain Cool.

The Busy Bee

This chick usually falls into the same category as you. She’s there working her ass off, but looking for the man she wants to talk with at the same time. The recognizable traits in each other typically warrant at least a smile, but take the leap and ask for her name or what she’s working on. She’ll usually do the “drink and stare” move, so if she does it enough, that’s the sign to come talk. Make sure you don’t miss out, bro.

You Seem Cool

Have you ever noticed how happy Starbucks employees are? They’re always smiling and asking how customers’ days are. Use this to your benefit. If they show enthusiasm for working there, than you need to be just as nice back. What’s this do? It makes you seem like a genuine dude. Laugh with the Barista’s, ask how their weekend was – especially if she’s hot. The hot girl behind you will pay attention.

You Can Always Just Listen to Music

If you followed some of our guidelines, and all else fails, always come prepped with your trusty headphones. Not only does it give you a chance to listen to your favorite hits, but when it’s a slow day and the geriatrics roll in, it’ll give you something to do. Plus, if it picks up, you can still look busy “working” – aka looking over your computer at the greatest set of boobs you’ve ever seen.

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