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Aug 07 2012

5 Broken Laws Where Death or Solitary Confinement Should be Applied Automatically

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If you decide to cross the street even though you don’t have walk signal you’re technically breaking the law.   If you happen to drive 60 mph where the speed limit is 55 mph then you’re also technically breaking the law.   But all of know there are some laws that we break everyday and it’s considered “normal” by society’s standards.  Even police let this stuff go.

But then there are laws that are obviously more severe.   There are some laws out there that in my opinion you don’t even deserve a trial.  You just deserve the highest and most strict punishment.

In my eyes, if you’re doing any of these five things then you either deserve death or a life of solitary confinement….

Texting while driving and an accident occurs killing someone

If you’re texting while driving I personally think you should automatically get your license suspended.   That’s just me.   But if your texting eventually leads to an accident that injures another person?  I just think that’s an automatic jail sentence.   And if that person dies?  You really don’t deserve another chance.   So far I don’t think this has happened yet where the offending texting driver received a death penalty.  It’s kind of vague because of the whole manslaughter thing.

Drunken driving and an accident occurs killing someone

It’s funny how I use the word “accident.”  I just don’t think there are accidents when it comes to drunk driving.   There are simply no excuses for it.   If people know that they’d automatically being going to jail or even face the death penalty if they drunk drove we might prevent more deaths.   Again I know this is extreme but come on.

Anything having to do with taking advantage of a child

This one is just unacceptable.   I don’t even have much to say about it.  Guys like Jerry Sandusky deserve to die or deserve a life of suffering.   There’s just no excuse for taking advantage of innocent children.  It’s that simple.   There are just too many sickos out there and they don’t deserve to live.

Rape in any way shape or form

This is very similar to taking advantage of a child.  I guess the whole thing here is making someone do something against their will.  But obviously in this form it comes down to sex and a person’s body which is sacred.   If you rape someone you don’t deserve to be alive.

Keeping someone confined in a room for years

You know the stories I’m talking about.  Sick people who keep their kids locked up in basements with barely any food.  Then when the kid comes out they have a life of hell ahead of them because they never learned how to be a party of society.  It’s sickening.


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