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Aug 06 2012

Frowned Upon Actions We All Take that Provide Amazing Bodily Relief

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If you happen to burp in public it’s not exactly respected bodily function but in all honesty it was most likely necessary.  The same goes for something like farting.   However, that’s not what I’m referring to for the purposes of this article.   I’m talking about things that we do that are generally not recommended yet provide us with a temporary relief that we love despite the fact that such actions might actually be bad for us.

Read on to see what I’m talking about…..

Picking a Scab

We’ve been taught since a very young age to leave scabs alone and not to pick them.   When a scab is ready to come off, it will.   But to this day I can safely say I love to pick scabs.   It’s just the way it is.   I love doing it and I will probably never stop even though my scabs will heal better if I leave them alone.

Popping Pimples

Every single article you read and every dermatologist on the planet will tell you not to pop a pimple.   But do we pop pimples?  You bet we do.   It’s just a relive knowing that the stupid whitehead is gone isn’t it?

Pushing hard when you know..you have to go

If you have to go number 2 you’re really supposed to get everything come naturally.   Pushing out hard can lead to some bad stuff down there but what are you supposed to do if you’re crowning?  I mean it’s like there’s no other choice right?

Ripping skin off our fingers

I love ripping skin off my fingers.  Particularly my cuticles.   It’s a bad habit but a lot of us have it.  I don’t understand why I’m satisfied after skin gets ripped off my fingers but I just am.

Popping blisters

This is similar to the popping pimples.   When you have a blister just sitting there it’s nearly impossible to just let it dry off.   Seriously, how often do you really let a blister expire on its own?

Picking your nose

This goes without saying.  And anyone who doesn’t pick their nose is a 100% liar.

Cracking your knuckles

There’s still debate as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.   Frankly I’m never going to care and I’ll be cracking my knuckles the rest of my life.



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