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Aug 02 2012

The All-Avoid Team (Your Fantasy Football Guide)

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Whether you want to admit it or not, chances are you’re obsessed with fantasy football. Since training camps have finally opened – and Tebowmania’s all we seem to continue hearing about – we want to start getting you prepped for your draft.

It’s easy to sit here and tell you why you need to pick Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers as your Quarterback, so we want to give you a couple guys you shouldn’t even consider taking with one of those late-round picks. While you do your homework and think it’s someone who you’ll steal as a potential sleeper, we honestly can’t tell you enough to avoid these dudes for reasons you’ll read about.

Fantasy football’s about bragging rights – and in some cases, serious money – so don’t be the sucker who thinks too hard about things and gets burned because you avoided our advice.

QB – Ben Roethlisberger

We honestly should show Big Ben a little more love each year, but even the Ohio roots isn’t enough to consider him a viable starter each week. Not only do the Steelers consistently play some of the leagues toughest teams, his own division boasts stud D’s like the Ravens and, yes, the Bengals. You can play matchups here and there every week, but to consider him a top-10 QB is like considering a stripper your slampiece.

QB – Robert Griffin III

RG3 is mega-cool, and we’re guessing he’ll grow into a stud like Cam Newton did last year, but unlike Newton, it won’t be in his rookie year. The Redskins are relying on this dude to win games, sell tickets, and smile his ass off for the cameras, but he doesn’t have much help. It’s easy to get caught-up in the hype, but don’t be the fool who wastes a pick on a rookie QB.

RB – Maurice Jones-Drew

He led the damn league in rushing last year (bet you didn’t know that?), so how can we say don’t touch him? Easy, he’s in a contract dispute that’s costing him time on the field. We’re not saying he won’t get his usual 1,000 yards and 7-9 TD’s, but if you’re expecting him to carry your team each week, it just ain’t going to happen. Remember Chris Johnson last year? That’s what you should expect from MJD, a solid season, but not worth a top-15 pick.

RB – Steven Jackson

We have no F’in idea how this dude’s still considered a top-10 back. Don’t get us wrong, he’s a complete stud, but to think he’ll be putting up numbers anywhere close to where he was a couple years ago is ridiculous. We don’t even have enough faith that he’ll match last year’s 1100+ yards and 5 TD’s, which means that you shouldn’t either.

WR – Dez Bryant

We’re not sure there’s much explaining to do with this one. Let’s just say he’s got all the talent in the world to be a stud, but the sh*t he does off the field’s probably going to cost him big-time. He’s too spotty to depend on each week. Will he play? How much? Will he be suspended? The name’s a big brand, but so is Facebook, and not many folks are investing in that right now.

WR – Marques Colston

Colston is a favorite of ours, but because of no fault of his own, the Saints O is just too good for him to be counted on. Drew Brees is going to put up huge numbers, but with him chucking it to a handful of different guys, you might see Colston score big one week, than put up a fat flopper the next – just check last year’s game log. To think he should be your number one guy is dumb… but we also passed out in our front and back yard with barf all over us this past weekend, so apparently, we are too.

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