. 12 Year Old Girl Tased in Victoria's Secret |

Aug 02 2012

Ouch! 12-Year Old Tased in Victoria’s Secret

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A family shopping trip has ended with a 12-year-old girl getting Tasered by a police officer inside a Victoria’s Secret in St. Louis last week. According to law enforcement officials, the unnamed officer came into the lingerie store at South County Center looking to arrest Dejamon Baker‘s mother on outstanding traffic tickets. However, it was her daughter who paid the price. Baker, 12, told the station KSDK that the charge of the stun gun  coursing through her body has left her shaking on the floor, unable to control her limbs. The prongs of the device got stuck in the girl’s chest and stomach, and her mother struggled to pull them out, leaving the teen with two small wounds on her body. (Read the entire story here)

How awesome is the name Dejamon? There are so many ways to pronounce that I don’t know where to begin. What the f$ck is wrong with the world. There are Taserings in Victoria’s Secret now? Good heavens. The last thing the male population needs is Victoria’s Secret to go under.. Clean it up! Admit this story would be a lot cooler if it was like some 24-year old smoke in lingerie getting tased..

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