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Aug 02 2012

Five Signs You’re too Big a Fan of Your Favorite Sports Team

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I’m an avid sports fan.   To be honest I’m not 100% what that means but I guess I think I am.   I tune it to a fair amount of games during the year.   I like the Knicks, Giants, and Yankees.   I watch the Olympics.  I’ll tune it to All-Star games.   I’ll always watch the playoffs.   I’ll probably go to about 10 live games a year.   But to be honest that’s kind of where it stops.   I like sports.  I watch sports.   But my life isn’t sports.

At what point does one become too big a fan?  That’s a tough question.   But there are some things I think it’s important to point out in this matter.

Here are five signs you’re too big a fan of your favorite sports team….

Anything on your car

This is obviously an extreme example but I think you get my point.   Once you’re taking your sports love and putting it onto your car you’re sending a pretty strong message.   I mean I guess a bumper sticker is OK?  Nah.  I think it’s enough to tell someone you like a certain team.  You don’t need your car to.

Team themed electronics and items in your home

I think once you start getting phones and mounts and what not you’re stepping over the line.  Do we really need a sports themed telephone?  Do you really need that grill cover that has the logo of your team?  Hardly.

Any Tattoos

Permanent mark for life?  That’s what you want on your arm, neck, back, or wherever the hell else you put it?  I mean I get being a fan but what has this team really done for you?  Think twice about inking your favorite sports team logo on your body.   I just don’t think it’s worth it.

You watch every single game on television

It’s one thing to have a game on in the background.  That much I get.  It’s another to watch every minute of every single game during a regular season.   There are people out there that do this and I personally think it’s going a tad overboard.  It’s not THAT important is it?

Animal and kids sports themes

Don’t dress up your dog in sports gear.   Come on man.  Do you really want to be that guy?  And don’t go nuts dressing up your baby either.   At least give them a choice of what team to like!


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