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Aug 01 2012

Five Little Nuances About Eating Snacks That I Love

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I’m a huge fan of eating.   I’m not obese.  In fact I’m not even overweight.  But I know that I absolutely love to eat.   It might not be as much as those folks who order half a menu in one sitting but eating is clearly one of America’s favorite pastimes.  Frankly there’s just so many places to begin with food but that could take forever.  So today I’m gonna focus on snacks.

In particular some fun things I notice when eating snacks I love.   Just the other day I noticed that there are some key traits of certain snacks that make them great.  Traits that can make all the difference in the world while eating them.   Sometimes they don’t even have to do with the food itself.

Here are five nuances about eating snacks that I love…..

When you get the perfect “peel”

Have you ever peeled an orange and did it in one shot?  How about a hard boiled egg?  You take off the shell and it happens so smoothly that it’s just orgasmic if you will.   Doesn’t it make the eating experience that much richer?  There’s just something amazing about that perfect peel that makes it all better.  I mean how annoying is it when you just can’t peel that orange and little bits and pieces fall off?  Such a buzzkill.

When the texture of a pretzel is just right

Speaking of snacks.  I have to go with Goldfish Pretzels here.   The texture is so damn perfect.   Ever notice how some pretzels you can eat boxes of them even if you’re full and some are just “meh?”  It’s all about texture.  I feel like I can eat pretzel Goldfish for weeks at a time.

The temperature of a dairy working out well

If you’re snacking on some cheese there’s gotta be a consistency that works out nicely.  Personally I like my dairy to be really cold.  So if I’m snacking on some cheese I’m a huge fan of when it’s hard.  String cheese in particular.   Some of you may be warm folks.   Whatever floats your boat.

When apples are really hard – fruit in general

Again, this is kind of like the temperature thing.   I’m a fan of hard fruits.  Some of you might like them soft.   But if you get what you want it makes the fruit that much better.

Just the right amount of spice, salt, sugar, etc

Lastly is the flavorings.   We know what it’s like when there’s too much salt on a pretzel or when there’s too little.  When something is way too sweet or not sweet enough.   That to me is a deal breaker.


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