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Aug 31 2012

Bikinis Running Wild Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for bikinis running wild

Is it me or did summer basically end?  I mean what the hell?  Tomorrow will be September and before we know it, Halloween.   Where did the time go?  I’m so annoyed that in less than a month the temperature is going to drop at least 20 degrees.  I really need to move south.

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Aug 31 2012

15 Athletes Who Frosted Their Tips

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There’s no way in hell we’re the only ones who remember when frosting your tips was cool. It was late 90′s, and the boy band craze was being shoved down our throats. Looking back at pics of ourselves with friends, it’s pretty embarrassing.

Now that it’s 2012 though, we seriously thought no one on earth was still trying to pull it off. But then we saw Roger Clemens take the mound last week in his minor league debut, and the damn Rocket decided it’d be pretty dope to look like an LFO video. Maybe Clemens needed to feel young again since he’s about two times his teammate’s age, or maybe he just got some inspiration from some of these other athletes who tried the same thing? Either way, he needs to cut it.

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Aug 31 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Warn Your Neighbors About Rosanna Arkle

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Remember that dentist kid who asked if being under the gas was real life? Well that’s kind of how we felt when looking at Rosanna Arkle. She’s seriously such a smoker, that it’s a little uncomfortable to look at her, even if it is just through a computer screen. But don’t get us wrong, we’d do plenty of staring if she was right in front of – preferably, without clothes on.

Since it’s Labor Day weekend, we hope you enjoy one of the most drop-dead chicks we’ve ever seen on your day off. God knows we definitely will.

Check out more Rosanna Arkle after the jump…

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Aug 31 2012

Kent State Got this Football Season Off in The Wrong Direction

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Andre Parker‘s wrong way run didn’t count, but it grabbed plenty of attention on the first night of the college football season. The Kent State linebacker’s moment of confusion became an instant Internet sensation when he scooped up a loose ball in the Golden Flashes’ 41-21 victory against Towson and ran 58 yards toward the wrong goal line Thursday. Late in the first half, Kent State punted to Towson’s Derrick Joseph, who let the bouncing ball graze his arm. Parker realized Joseph’s mistake, grabbed the ball at the Towson 7 and proceeded to sprint in the wrong direction. Adding to the comedy, two Towson players ran down Parker and tackled him near the sideline.

I’m thinking the same thing you are… Kent State plays football. I honestly don’t know what is funnier this guy running the wrong way or the other team hauling ass after him and tackling. Football is here. Hooray..

(Hit the picture or this link to watch the video)

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Aug 31 2012

Our 2012 College Football Predictions

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Thank F’in goodness school’s back in session. We can say that because we’ve been graduated for years, and, more importantly, with the classes comes college football. Yep, that means we now actually have a reason for getting obliterated drunk on the weekends, and still act like we’re 21-years-old.

As the season got under way last night, we give you some predictions to take note of. If we’re right, we can brag about being Nostradomus. If we’re wrong, well, at least we got so drunk, that we didn’t remember anything from the weekend…

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Aug 31 2012

Latex Cosplay is Where It’s At

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The whole world of cosplay is somewhat funny to me.  I mean all that’s going on is costume wearing.  But because it’s called cosplay it’s now mainstream and cool?  Whatever.   These are details I can’t worry about.  I just know it’s led to a nice surge in beautiful women wanting to dress up and that’s something we can’t complain about.

Speaking of which, latex seems to be a material of choice for many female cosplayers these days.  Needless to say, I like that.

Check out the girls after the jumo….

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Aug 31 2012

Five Reasons Why I Will Never Retire

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I have the retirement discussion with a bunch of friends both recently and in the past.   And I always end up with the same answer to “will you ever retire?”  The answer is no.  However, there’s a big distinction between slowing down and completely stopping work.   In say 20-30 years I do hope to be doing way less but I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop working completely.   Frankly it would be too boring.

Retirement to me is just a “fad.”  It’s a buzzword that government and politicians and financial analysts use to dupe us into saving money like crazy and freak out about our financial accounts.  Bottom line is that I like what I do.  Why stop it?  What I really want, and frankly what I think most people want is the option to stop working.

Meaning if you want to take a day off you can and not worry about it.  I’m not nearly at that point but to me, that’s what retirement should be.  Anyway, here are five reasons I’ll never retire….

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Aug 31 2012

Friday’s Funbag: The Best Catwoman, Invention of Last Names, and Shark Encounters

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Click on the photo to see Susan Wayland as the Catwoman

There have been plenty of women who have portrayed Catwoman over the years.  And Lord knows too many hopefuls trying to emulate her sexiness on Halloween.   But I have to say that Susan Wayland does it right in this photoshoot.   She reminds us all of Michelle Pfeiffer doing it back in the day.

The Funbag

Stuff that must have happened inventing last names – [Cracked]

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I still think that Sophia Vergara has got the touch – [Heyman Hustle]

Miranda Kerr hit the runway and we liked it – [Moejackson]

Check out the latest featured model – [Bullz-Eye]

A very funny video of a dude eating five guys – [Holytaco]

Famous Disney kids then and now – [Izismile]

Ten of the most amazing microscopic images – [Oddee]

Is this the most pointless service money can buy? – [Gunaxin]

Nine foods that supposedly increase man’s sex drive – [Guyism]

An open letter written to a freshmen self – [Brobible]

Seventy sexy girls who are wearing eyeglasses – [COED Magazine]

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Aug 30 2012

Citrus Girls Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more citrus girls

Girls can wear just about anything (or nothing) and we’d still love them, but there’s something summery and hot about Maxim girls wearing the colors of citrus. For those who don’t know, citrus fruit are: Lemons, limes, grapefruit and lettuce.

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Aug 30 2012

The Man Teen is Right up Our Alley

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I’m surprised I haven’t come across this web series before but I’m glad I just did.  Man Teen is a series for guys in their late twenties to mid thirties and basically centers around the issues that all of us face.   Namely growing up and having to put up with society at the age we are but not necessarily liking it.

Think “The League” but obviously shortened into web episodes.   The acting isn’t as good but the subject matter is.  Like in this episode our Man Teen tricks his buddies into going into his mobile strip club.  Oh how I wish this were real life.

Also, you can help these guys fund season two by being nice!

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