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Jul 30 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Elizabeth Christine is Ungodly

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Whether she’s dressed up or wearing a bikini (our preference), Elizabeth Christine is a chick we’d like to be around. Just take a look at that damn donkey she’s got going on in back, and it should be enough of a reason to be distracted when checking her out. It almost makes you forget she’s got amazing curves all over.

If you’re looking for the prototypical Latin chick, we’re not sure it gets much better than Elizabeth. We can just imagine a life on the beach, sipping drinks and having way too much fun with that body if we were ever lucky enough to be in her presence.

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Jul 30 2012

1999 All Over Again! Boy Hit By Bird on New Jersey Roller Coaster

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A boy is recovering after he was hit in the face by a bird while riding a roller coaster at an amusement park in New Jersey. The collision occurred as the Kingda Ka coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson was returning to the station Thursday.

Park spokeswoman Kristen Siebeneicher tells the Asbury Park Press (http://on.app.com/N1hV0G ) the boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries to his face and neck. She says it’s unclear what type of bird it was, but characterized it as small, and says its carcass is being handed over to the Ocean County Health Department.

The 45-story Kingda Ka coaster, which reaches speeds up to 128 mph, was shut down for 30 minutes. However it’s not the first time a thrillseeker has been hit by a bird. In 1999 Fabio was left with a bloody face after being struck by a bird while riding Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg, Virginia.

First Fabio, now this little boy. Roller coasters just aren’t safe anymore! I would love to see a slow motion video of this event. It’d be hilarious.

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Jul 30 2012

Most Annoying Things To Do During a Movie

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Whether you’re popping in a flick or headed to the theatre, there’s always those people that think they’re the only ones around. Fact is, you’re probably not sitting alone, so use some manners.

It’s great to be the life of the party, but if the party decides to stay in and watch a movie that night, then enjoy it. You don’t want to be the dude that annoys everyone all the time!

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Jul 30 2012

The Locker Room is the Place to Be

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

Have you ever noticed in cheesy 80s movies that the girls locker room always seems to be filled with hot girls and they always seem to be having a grand ol’ time?  That grand time usually consists of funny fights and a solid length of time where their clothes are off.

Is this what locker rooms are like around the country? Clearly not but it’s certainly something I hope we can duplicate in the near future.  In the meantime there’s nothing wrong with giving people the impression that female locker rooms simply breathe sex.

Check out these hot locker room girls after the jump…..

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Jul 30 2012

Videos of Announcers Sneaking in Flatulence on TV

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We’ve all been there.   We could be in the middle of eating and it just pops out.   We could be in the middle of an uncontrollable laugh and one just slips out.   It can happen at any time and there’s not much we can do about it.  Let’s not be embarrassed folks.  Everyone farts and everyone has had a moment where people know that you farted.

It’s just that you really don’t want to be on live television when it happens.  Unfortunately for these announcers, it happened to them.

Check out these five clips of flatulence on live TV after the jump….

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Jul 30 2012

Monday’s Madness: The Best WWE Divas, Ineffective Propaganda, and The Eagles Cheerleaders

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Click on the photo for the sexiest WWE Divas of 2012

Yes, gone are the glory days of Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and Sable, but trust us when we say there are still some very sexy reasons to tune in.  And let’s face it.  These girls are tough, hot, and could manhandle you pretty easily.  Who wouldn’t want that in a relationship?

The Madness

The most hilariously ineffective propaganda posters – [Cracked]

Eagles cheerleaders know how to walk the runway quite well – [Unathletic]

Celebrity hotties love to show off the legs here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Nicole Scherzinger looks pretty good on a surf board – [Pickmeupnews]

I’m not sure that Alessandra Ambrosio is that hot – [Celebslam]

For the best stories of the day you can go here – [Listgazette]

This just might be the best beer product ever – [Gunaxin]

Check out these picks for the MLB All Bro Team – [Brobible]

Watch this dodgeball machine pummel some dude – [Don Chavez]

This might be the craziest Karate Kid ever – [Holytaco]

Twenty one pictures of hungover owls – [Cityrag]

Architecture that will make you salivate – [The Chive]

Hottest female soccer players of the Olympics – [Bleacherreport]

News stories that just about everyone should hear – [Izismile]

Picks for foods you should be eating – [Bullz-Eye]

These guys know how to pick their women – [Extramustard]

Julie Monturet is going to make some noise in modeling – [Brosome]

Ten of the weirdest milkshake flavors – [Oddee]

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Jul 27 2012

Liz Chavez Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Liz Chavez

I’m not sure who this Liz Chavez girl is but I know that she’s some kind of hottie who likes to show off what kind of shape she’s in.  So she’s got that going for her…which is nice.  Other than that?  There’s not much to know about her nor do I care.  Have a wonderful day!

The Portfolio

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Jul 27 2012

15 Homeless Signs We’d Pay For

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They stink. They’re usually drunk. They’re annoying as all hell. Say what you want about homeless people, but they can be pretty clever – which actually leads us to reach in our pockets and hand them our hard earned money. Does that make us suckers? Probably a little bit, but when you realize they’re sleeping in a pool of their own urine, it’s cool.

While we may not be able to help them all, we can make them pretty famous on the internet! If you see these guys, hopefully their wittiness is enough to get a quarter out of you… or at least a dime.

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Jul 27 2012

She’s Uncoachable: Lisa Ramos Steals Souls

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It’s official! Lisa Ramos is the hottest chick on the face of the planet. After first hearing out about her on America’s Next Top Model a couple years ago, she’s finally starting to get a little bigger, and thanks to her twitter and tumblr, she’s doing the damn thing to stay on top – which she can do if that’s how she likes it.

Perfect body, cinnamon skin, and eyes that pierce right through you is enough to convince us she has no flaws, unless you think shaking your hips like this is a bad thing. We’re guessing you don’t.

Check out more Lisa Ramos after the jump…

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Jul 27 2012

Author Defends Releasing Horrifying Killer Whale Attack from 2006

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Disturbing video footage of a 2006 killer whale attack at Sea World in San Diego during which a trainer was dragged and held underwater has now gone viral, and RadarOnline.com has exclusive insight from the man who fought to release it to the world.

“I have been hoping to make it public for a long time after I watched it played in court as evidence,” David Kirby, author of the new expose Death At Sea World, told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview, explaining that he believes if it had been released earlier, the footage could have prevented the tragic death of another trainer years later.

The 15-minute long recording shows 5,000 pound killer whale Kasatka clamping down on trainer Ken Peters’ foot soon after he entered the water and then holding him down. About a minute later, the 39-year-old broke the surface gasping for breath but the marine mammal refused to let go and took him under for a second time, tossing him and twisting him down below like a rag doll. About nine minutes after the terrifying ordeal began, Peters, who had trained the 30-year-old whale for many years before she turned on him, finally escaped her grip and crawled onto a platform.

I’m having a rough week with posts here at Uncoached, but this was more interesting than it was funny or ‘cool’. Lions, Killer Whales, etc. are not pets to be played with and trained in the zoo. Chris Rock said it best – the Lion didn’t go crazy when it attacked, the Killer Whale didn’t lose it’s mind – the Lion went Lion and the Killer Whale went Killer Whale.

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