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Jul 31 2012

Characteristics of People Who Just Look Like They Smell Bad

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I feel bad because there are some people who I look at and I just think to myself “there’s no way that person smells good.”   And it’s not like it’s just some obese person or stereotypical thing where I saw that a person just ran a marathon and then jumped into a pile of mud either.

It’s just a feeling I get.   Just some crazy feeling that I suspect others get as well.   It’s kind of like when you see a person and think to yourself “man that guy can take a massive dump.”  You don’t really know if he can, but you’re pretty sure about yourself.

So anyway, here are so clues that would lead me to the conclusion that a person smelled bad without me actually smelling them….

Bear in mind you gotta have all of these rolling at once and then you can be sure the guy or gal is smelly.


If you see that a person is sweating and there’s no real reason that they’re sweating?  There’s a distinct possibility that they smell bad.   Pit stains don’t always mean it but they’re just kind of gross so I thought I’d mention it.   But abnormal amounts of sweat when they shouldn’t be sweating is not a good sign.


I don’t mean hair on their head.  I mean body hair.  If someone is just God awfully hairy then I would think they probably stink if they sweat it up.  You know those people who have like obscene back hair and chest hair.   Kind of like that dude in the movie Along Came Polly who plays basketball against Ben Stiller.   That kind of hair.

Proportionate Weight

I say this because it’s not always certain someone who is obese is going to be stinky but it’s the proportionate size.   There are overweight people who look very proportionate and then there are those who have huge bellies, skinny arms and legs, and like a huge head.   I’d say that person has a good chance of smelling bad over the proportionate person.


Yeah I said it.   I’m convinced that anyone who has gigantic nipples smells weird.


Bad skin doesn’t always mean someone is going to smell but you certainly would rather approach a person with good skin over one with bad.

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