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Jul 31 2012

All-Time Favorite Comedies

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Everyone has a favorite movie. But an all-time comedy is something completely different. It’s the one movie that no matter what the day throws your way, you can toss it in the DVD player, and literally watch it over and over – while quoting the entire damn thing. There’s just certain days you need a good comedy to forget the day… which just so happened was us last night.

There are the perverted comedies, while some like the stoner hilarity. While others just keep it simple and stick with slapstick humor. We tend to think the best ones are a mix of all three genres. Regradless of your desired flavor, it needs to make you laugh your ass off. Here are the ones that do the best at it.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

If you haven’t seen this besides the diluted TBS version, you’re obviously missing out. It combines all three phases of a good comedy, and has a cast that knows how to sell the hell out of their characters. Between the competition amongst stations, Ron’s fallout, and an ending that’s so predictable you don’t even care since the movie cracks your ass up, it passes as one of our favorites.

The Hangover

Say whatever the hell you want to about the second one – since it was essentially the same flick, but the first one was done so perfectly, it should be a damn crime. You can’t convince us that you didn’t leave that movie thinking to yourself, “Holy Sh*t! That’s honestly just like my friends.” If you did, than you’re either a) lying, or b) need to get some better friends to make better memories with. There isn’t just one scene that’s memorable, since the entire thing is a pretty much laugh-fest.

Happy Gilmore

Maybe we’re a little biased since we’re huge Sandler fans – minus his latest crap. With or without that admission, Happy’s funny as F*ck! The dick that is Shooter McGavin is so well done, and the addition of Ben Stiller as Hal in the nursing home was a nice added touch (even though he was an unknown back then). When we mentioned quoting an entire movie in above, we were immediately describing this movie. We advise you to never watch it with us – unless you want to rip us for knowing absolutely every single part.

Tommy Boy

“I can handle it if you can!” Back in his day, David Spade was actually hilarious. Granted he had Farley to heavily lean on, but still, he held his own. There wasn’t anyone funnier than Farley playing the predictable dumb, fat guy, and this flick showed him at his best. The only thing that kind’ve brings down their performances in this? The follow-up, unrelated Black Sheep. Yeah, we all could’ve done without that one.

Wedding Crashers

We know people who like this movie, but say it’s really not that funny. We tend to think these folks are a little messed-up in the head. In college a couple years ago, no dude could get enough of it – or the lines. If we had a dollar for every time someone either yelled, “Jabroni,” or “baba ganoush,” we’d be pretty rich right now. Not to mention the fact every guy lives to crash a wedding, and this is pretty much the bible for pulling it off.

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