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Jul 27 2012

Three Lifestyles I’d Love to Have the Courage to Pursue

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In times of stress, being busy, whatever you want to call it I feel like we tend to reach out and dream of another life.   In reality it’s because we’re kind of scared of the present and the unpredictability of what might lie ahead in our own lives.  So we tend to day dream.   We think “if only I had this life everything would be fine.”

The reality is that life is hard no matter where you go and no matter who you are.   However, it doesn’t mean we can’t still dream about a life we’ll never lead.   It’s simply part of being human.

Speaking of which, here are four lifestyles I’d love to have the courage to lead…..

Living in a new place every single year

There are people out there that actually do this.   Frankly I’m not sure for how long but how badass would it be to just pack up and go every year?  You live in a new place, meet new people, experience new things.   My only beef with the one year thing is that it takes a while to settle somewhere and a year really isn’t long enough.  Not to mention it’ll be tough to have close ties to anyone for an extended period of time.   Still though, the actual experience of moving from place to place on your own terms must be kind of cool.     P.S. this probably only works if you are a telecommuter.   Unless you want to have bum jobs everywhere.

The living on a beach for the rest of my life thing

I’ve written a whole article about this in the past.   Given that I work online for a living this scenario isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.  However, to raise a family and all that, it just wouldn’t be the same.  I feel like a beach paradise would no longer be paradise and thus actually going through with this wouldn’t nearly be as cool as I thought.

Bachelor for life lifestyle

I only think this works if you’re a dude like Jack Nicholson.  Unless you’re rich and powerful you’re gonna have it pretty bad after the age of 50 or so.   Because all your chances of younger hot women are going to dwindle unless you have the cash.  Still though, what married guy with kids doesn’t miss his single life?  I haven’t met one yet.

I’m sure there are more lifestyles I could pursue but these three would be pretty fun.



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