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Jul 26 2012

5 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Drink Tonight

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There’s just something about the way beer tastes that makes us want it right now. The sweet sensation of a Natty Light going down like water’s almost too much to think about right now – considering it’s nine in the morning, and we just feel like it’s a little much to crave a brew. And while we usually don’t need to find a reason to drink, we’re even more excited about doing tonight than we usually are.

We’re not really sure why that is, but when we sat down today and thought about it, we figured we’d share exactly why today seems better than most to get really hammered. Hope you can enjoy a cold one with us later.

Thirsty Thursday

Why not? Businesses and restaurants pretty much tempt you to bring Thursday’s back. And while it’s not really accepted to roll into work tomorrow wearing the same clothes you wore all day today, wreaking of booze, sex, and cigs, blame society for creating Happy Hour’s and wing specials on a day you have to work on. Admit it though, if it was Saturday or Sunday, it wouldn’t be quite as fun.

Our Girlfriend’s Off Her Period

We’ve been going all fifth grade on ourselves for the past week or so, because Mother Nature decided to take over our girl’s vag. Look, we get that she had to deal with all that stuff going on, but we had to make unfortunate sacrifices too. Not tonight though! Tonight, we ride like a virgin getting touched for the very first time!

Because Payback’s a Bitch

All those night’s we came home to our roommate passed out on the couch while watching TV, when all we wanted to do was kick back and relax for a bit  have finally come back around. We can stumble in, yelling and getting ready to bang our girlfriend, and when he wakes up a little pissed off, can turn to him and ask, “Oh, sorry, did we bother you?”

We’re Bored

When you’re at work, you want to be working. Though there are day’s we just can’t wait to sit around and do nothing – like tomorrow when we’re hungover – we usually think if we can waste time sitting in an office all day, why can’t we just waste time in front of the TV instead? Since that doesn’t fly, we had to stare at a computer screen, acting like we were being productive. Tonight we can go H.A.M to forget about how miserable the day was.

Why Not?

Last we checked, it’s still the summer. That means you can pick your poison of watering holes to cut loose at. The bars will be overflowing with people who have all the same reasons as you to get completely obliterated, while wanting to buy rounds of shots for everyone. Aim for the guy who looks like he’s celebrating a big promotion, or the one who could use some advice after his girlfriend dumped him. They’ll bore you to death for awhile, but once they get some booze in them, their tabs will be running high!

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