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Jul 25 2012

Why Do Non-Hot Girls Get into the Hot Girl Crowd?

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This is something I’ve just never understood.  And it’s something that always bothered the hell out of me.   Have you ever looked at a given group of girls, or better yet known a group of girls that were primarily hot, and there was always one girl who you thought to yourself “what the hell is she doing in here?”

Considering how shallow younger groups of females are it just doesn’t make sense that they would let a girl of lesser physical attributes into their nest.   But then the worst thing happens.   Said female becomes a part of that group and thus starts to act like any other girl in the group.

Basically it means she acts as if she’s hot even though she is not.   Essentially this is a huge victory for the girl who somehow got lucky.   Why?  Let me explain…..


All of a sudden a female who is not normally looked upon as attractive thinks that she is attractive because she was accepted by the hot girl group.    This alone will boost her confidence into the stratosphere and that confidence alone will change her life.   That she thinks she’s attractive will actually rub off on other people and her confidence will literally make her more attractive by perception.  She’ll get the same breaks as her hot counterparts and she’ll be invited to the same parties, get the same guys, etc etc.   Effectively she’s set for life if she’s accepted into this group.

Hot by Association

You know how when a group of non attractive people have one attractive person in the group makes the attractive person look twice as attractive?  I think the opposite tends to happen with an all good looking group with one person not being good looking.  I think because the others are so attractive the other one actually becomes “less bad” simply by association.   So yeah, good for her.

Now, what am I doing with all of this?  First, it’s an observation that I know all of you know and probably think about.   But two, it’s really a call to arms out there.   First I’d like to apologize to all the non good looking girls and guys out there who didn’t get into their perspective attractive groups.   It’s just a damned shame.

Also I’d like to say to all the non good lookers who did make it to be thankful.   Be thankful you have no clue that you are unattractive.   Be glad you are confident and no one is shooting you down (and if they are it’s behind your back).  There’s that asshole guy part of me that also wants these folks to recognize their unattractiveness but then again, am I all that good looking?  Hardly.

I guess the main point I’m making here is that people suck.   Groups are never just based on personality and the rhyme or reason for one girl making it to the group and the other not is a mystery to me.  Just know that the ramifications are huge.   Hell they determine an entire life when you think about it.

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