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Jul 24 2012

Before The Discovery of Sex I Was a 100% Better Human Being

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Think back to the days of when you were in elementary school.   Think back to the days when females didn’t matter.  Now wasn’t life about 100 times easier back then? You see most people have a theory that life gets difficult as one gets older.   Granted I completely understand that and agree.   But exactly how do all those difficulties come to be?  And would they be as difficult if not for the interest in the opposite sex?  My answer is a definitive “no.”

At least from the male perspective it can be argued that nearly everything we do, and I mean everything, is in some way related to getting a woman.   It just is.   I mean before females mattered to me my entire life was sports, making me and my friends laugh, eating candy, and going to birthday parties.   Seriously,  what other stresses were there?

And when there were in fact stresses they weren’t real stresses.  They weren’t things like “my mortgage is overdue” stresses.   They were more like “I have to read this book!” stresses.    But what happened when females entered the picture?  What happened when the hormones kicked in?

Life completely changed.   Life as it was didn’t even matter anymore.   Sports were a means to attract the ladies.   Making people laugh was a means to get a woman.  Nearly everything I used to do was now something to do in order to get a female’s attention.   And if it didn’t get her attention, then that in fact became a new stress that I never had before.

So it can be argued that the more stresses in life that happen as you get older could easily be blamed on the opposite sex.   Think about it.  Why get a job? To make money.   Money is for providing for you and a someday what?  Family.  Opposite sex.   Why do men strive to make money? Better lifestyle.   What does a better lifestyle mean?  Better women.  Opposite sex.   Why do we care about our appearance?  The opposite sex.   Why do we drive fancy cars?  The opposite sex.   Sure we like getting material things and status to impress our friends etc etc, but I think the impressing our friends stems from first impressing the ladies.

Imagine a world without women.   Would it suck?  Of course it would suck.  But really, would it?  Wouldn’t it be just like a life you had before the age of 10 or 11 only as an adult?  And how could that be bad?  As an adult your faculties are sharper.  You’re physically more gifted.  Imagine that feeling you had as a child only now you’re a man.  Imagine never having to worry about sex.   Imagine never having to worry about getting the girl.  Imagine getting a fancy car because you just like the car.   Imagine getting a gold medal simply because of the hunger of competition.

If you really think about it long enough do you realize how less stressful your life would be had you never once stressed or did something because of the opposite sex?  We don’t realize it but it’s in the back of our minds.  Sex.  It’s what drives everything and without it I think we’d be way better off.

By no means am I saying sex isn’t good.  It’s great.  It feels great and man it can be just awesome.   But imagine you never once had it.   Your life could conceivably be (and I’d argue that it would be) 100% times more productive and better off.  And the same goes for the homosexual community.   It’s just sex man.  It kills everything.  It’s not the democrats or the republicans.  It’s not congress.   It’s sex people.  The economy sucks because of sex.   Look at all the greatest politicians in the world.  They all have sex.  They have affairs.   Politics is one of the scariest places of sex.   Hookers and prostitutes probably run our country more than we realize.

Am I being really opinionated and general here?  You betcha.  But if you sit down to think about it, it all comes down to sex.   I’m 100% convinced this is why we’re happier as children.  And today?  As adults?  Our stress adds up only because of sex.  Sex is the problem.  It gets more in the way of our minds than anything else.

So then what is the answer?  Stop having sex?  Nope, it’s too late for that.  I have no idea what to do, I just wanted to rant about it.   Thanks.




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