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Jul 23 2012

Why Haven’t I Moved To the Caribbean Yet?

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Why in the hell haven’t I moved to some island somewhere yet?  What the hell is wrong with me?  Seriously.  I keep reading these articles every single day about retirees moving to places like Panama or the Dominican Republic where you can get beach front property for under 200K and expenses are literally under 1500 a month, and that’s being generous.  Also, in places like the Dominican interest rates at banks are up to 12%.  Yes, you read that right. So if you have 100K saved up, you can live off interest for basically the rest of your life.

Then there are stories of younger people who just give it all up and move away to pursue dreams of running a business in “paradise.”   If they can do it so can’t I?  And these are people who completely switch careers.  Hell I work on the internet and all I need is a computer and a connection, so what in the hell is stopping me?  God that’s annoying.

Well, I’ll tell you what’s stopping me…..

My Family

As much as family can be annoying and a drag, I also happen to love my immediate family as well as in-laws.  As crazy as everyone and everything can get, it’s still nice to know they most of these people are only 20 min drives (and less) away from me.   When you’re out there with basically no support system and at best once a year visits, it can definitely get a little lonely, not to mention challenging.   It’s not easy to only rely on yourself for sustainability.

It’s Never What it Seems

Picturing a big move to the Caribbean conjures up visions of snorkeling, surfing, relaxing on the beach, and drinking cocktails right? Wrong.  Work is work.  And if you move to a paradise to start a new career, be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life.   So what used to seem like a tropical vacation that would last a lifetime just becomes a really hot and sunny place that you’re busting your ass at everyday.  Hell I’m at a computer 12 hours a day.  Doesn’t matter if I’m here or in Hawaii.  I’m still busting as on my computer.

It Kind of Ruins Vacations Right?

If you’ve ever seen a movie more than 10 times you’ll know that it’s just not nearly as good as if you’ve seen the movie once.  The same goes for eating food, going out, and just about any other super repetitive activity.  The more you do it, the less it loses the allure.   So it’s one thing to go on vacation for a week.  It’s another if you’re in the same region for 365 days.  All of a sudden the beach isn’t as special, nor is the weather.  You become way too used to it.  I’m not sure I’d want to get used to a tropical paradise.

My Future Family

Do I really want to raise a family in the 3rd world?  Honestly I want to give my son, daughter, whoever the best opportunity possible.  That’s more likely going to be here in the states.   I can let them decide if they want to move to the islands when they are old enough.

Unexpected hiccups you never account for

Again, if you plan on starting a business in a foreign place, good luck having it go smoothly.    Don’t forget about things like importing and exporting goods.   You’ll have paperwork up the neck and you’ll wait 100 times longer to get your items than you think.   And there are endless licenses you’ll have to acquire.  The list goes on and on.



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