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Jul 20 2012

Five Reaons Why I’ll Never Get The Services of a Prostitute

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For one, I’m married so it’s just never gonna happen.  But that’s not really the point here.   Just last week I made an argument for reasons why it’s really not that bad to get a prostitute.   And that was taken from the “male” side of the coin.   I guess you could say the uber male side of the equation.   The side that my wife is probably disgusted at.

But today I wanted to focus on the reasons why I along with many other people would never, ever consider receiving the services of a prostitute.   And these are reasons that I truly believe in.   Even though I’m sure as I read them I’ll be thinking “do you really believe this?”

Anyway, here they are…..


You just never know with these girls

Let’s face it.  Would you let any stranger just walk into your house and take care of your baby?  Probably not.   Now, this isn’t as an extreme situation as that but come on here.  This is your body.  This is your health.  Chances are you’ve never met this woman and you’re about to do something pretty personal that doesn’t last long and that could potentially kill you if you are not protected.   And that’s just the STD side of it.  She could be psycho and rob you and rip your head off during coitus.   I don’t know man.   Not for me.

Paying for it is kind of pathetic

Unless you’ve got some serious physical and mental issues there’s a woman out there for all of us.  And even if you do have these issues?  There are other women like you out there.   If you’ve looked hard, then look harder.   Get a tattoo and join a tattoo club and find a woman.   Become an alcoholic and join AA and meet a woman.   Women are everywhere.   No matter who you are and what you’re into, there’s a woman out there who is into it too.  No reason to pay for sex.  It’s available for free.

You’ll live with it for the rest of your life

I just don’t want to be one of those guys who “goes to pros.”  I just don’t.   It’s like every time I see a guy I know has visited a prostitute I kind of look at him differently.   I’m not quite sure how, just different.   I don’t know.  I guess it’s a stigma I’d rather not have attached to me.

I’d probably feel bad for her

It’s kind of tough to have sex with someone you truly pity.   I’m just not “man enough” I suppose to degrade a woman by not only paying her to have sex with me (which degrades me too) but making her do stuff I know she doesn’t want to do.  I’m just not comfortable with all of that.  It’s that simple.

I would be afraid

Plain and simple.  Even if you told me no chance of disease I’m man enough to admit that I’d plainly be scared to do it.




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