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Jul 19 2012

The Day you See the Most Attractive Female in the World is a Horrible Day

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So the other day I was in the gym and like any other time where it’s happened I wound up becoming completely infatuated with this one female who was there.   I’m pretty sure she couldn’t have been more than 21 years old.   And I’m also quite sure she knew how attractive she was.

She wasn’t the kind of attractive where you just want to get freaky one night.  She was the kind of attractive where you say to yourself, “I’d drop everything in my life at this instant and would marry that chick.”   The funny thing is, I never spoke to her.  I never approached her.  Nothing.   I just looked at her and somehow felt this way.

Isn’t that amazing and yet horrible at the same time?  Just by looking at someone our minds and bodies can get so riled up and feel so real that it almost hurts.   Which is why each time you have one of those days where you discover your new “most attractive female in the world” is a horrible time.

And here are five reasons why…..

1.  You know you can’t have her

I don’t want to destroy anyone’s confidence here.   I’m not saying you can’t have the girl of your dreams.   I’m just saying that reality is a hell of a lot different from the dream worlds we wind up in when we see beauty.   And the point is, even if we could have these women, the reality of a relationship will never come close to the infatuation you’ve been brewing since childhood.   And then if you really let reality sink in it hurts even more.  Because realistically, no, you can’t have all these women you so dream of or even see in real life.  So the mere fact something that good is out there that you can have?  It’s brutal.

2.  It just makes everything worse

I can’t really explain it any other way.   Just seeing something that good and never being able to touch it?  It’s horrible.   It’s just horrible.   Food tastes worse.   The fact that you have to wake up everyday and go to work feels worse.  You sleep less.  You eat more.   It’s just awful.

3.  It’s more powerful than crack

You know how they say that watching porn can elicit the same physiological responses in the body that drugs like crack do?  Well, think of that situation.  Seeing a woman that you just don’t see that often is the equivalent to porn.   The problem with this is that like crack, you just know it’s bad for you to focus on it so much and yet at the same time you just can’t look away.   Honestly it’s just better that you forget about it and stop looking.   But you know you can’t, and that makes the situation unbearable.

4.  Your expectations now rise

Now all of a sudden do you not only want a woman like this, but you sort of expect one.   And that’s just a recipe for disaster.   And it takes a while for you to recover and go back down to earth.   It’s like having your dreams in your hands thinking they are there all along and never really experiencing them.   Brutal.

5.  You know it’s not real and yet it is real

This is what infatuation is.   You know you don’t really feel this strongly for this woman.   You know that you’d have to actually get to know her and that if you did it would never be like you had hoped.   And yet at the same time when push comes to shove you really would ditch your current life just for that chance.   How sick is that?

All I can say is take solace in the fact that if you did in fact get her, chances are the amazing feeling would wear off after a while.

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2 responses so far

  • A woman

    I like how women are completely dehumanized in this piece. Something to be had and fantasized about.

  • a male

    I likewise appreciate the fact that he doesn’t address how this woman feels about his staring at her. After all, it’s his right to stare because she’s attractive, and it’s his right to ignore her feelings because the patriarchy let him grow up thinking that was okay. Or something?

    Sophomoric drivel.



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