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Jul 18 2012

Why We’re Over Summer

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When you’re growing up, you live for summer. It’s the beginning of the greatest three months of your life, filled with family vacations, sprinklers, and running around the neighborhood till the sun went down with your friends. But as you get older, it changes. Instead of rocking shorts, flops and a t-shirt, you’re stuck wearing slacks and a shirt that’ll be drenched with sweat by the time you take two steps anywhere.

What’s worse? In our case, the ’98 Volvo we drive has zero air conditioning. That’s right, its been over a hundo three weeks straight, and we’re sitting in a sauna anytime we need to get somewhere.

As if that’s not enough of an argument to hate “Mr. Golden Sunshine,” here are some other reasons why we’re just ready for the fall to get here.

Fall Football

Football in the summer sucks. You’re watching exhibition games that no one takes seriously, and all you hear and read about are training camps, contract holdouts, and injuries. Once the fall rolls around, all that crap tends to go away – minus arrests – and you can spend your hungover weekends doing nothing but watching real football. Not to mention you can play a little two-hand touch in the backyard without someone passing out from lack of hydration.

Jeans and a Tee

This is the greatest outfit a dude can wear. It’s comfortable and looks as thought you’ve put together some sort of an effort. But guess what? Unless you want to look as though you just got done running a 5K every time you go out, you can’t get away wearing it. Come on fall, just get here!

Every Day is The Same

What’s cool about ten straight days of 100 degrees? Absolutely nothing. When you’re stuck in an office, wearing a suit and tie, and seeing a ton of people “having fun” walking around in the heat, all the days just run together. You wake up, deal with the glaring sunshin, and head to work. Miserable.

You’d Actually Rather Stay Inside

When it’s fall or spring, it’s somewhat enjoyable going for a run or bike ride outside. You realize it’s uncommon for the 70 or 80-degree days to be around, so you want to take it in as much as possible. Not with summer though. When you look out your window and see the steam evaporating off your street, the couch and TV sound a little more appealing than anything you’re thinking of doing in that sh*t.

A Tan’s Not Worth It

In a counter argument, some might say that lounging around a pool all day and getting a little color is totally worth dealing with the plus 90 temperature. While it’s a definite plus to the alternative winter, looking as if you’re on a permanent vacation’s not enough for us to actually enjoy the heat, not to mention we don’t wear suntan lotion anyway, so we usually spend the months looking like a lobster anyway.

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