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Jul 18 2012

Five Pathetic Lies Young Guys Tell Other Guys To Seem Cooler

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There’s a ton of pressure out there for teenagers, guys in college, and even guys just getting out of college to fit in and feel successful.  Hell we’re going to feel this pressure until the day we die.   Personally I think I’ve grown to the point where lying just to feel like I’m one of the gang is a pointless exercise.

In fact making fun of myself for how pathetic I actually am is one of my new favorite pastimes.  However, lying at a younger age is quite common.  You want to make sure that your friends and other peers approve of you.   In reality these lies will only serve to hurt you later on but at the time you think they help.

Here are five lies young guys tell other guys just to fit in….

Embellish on how much they drank or got wasted

Every single guy on the planet has lied about how much he drank or how wasted he was.  Hell guys have pretended to be drunk when they were completely sober.   It’s as if being more drunk or telling stories of being more drunk will get you a better status in high school.  It’s kind of sad really.  But this is going to exist as long as youth exists which is basically forever.   Now I brag about how early I went to bed on a Friday night.

How strong they are

Why lie about how much you can bench?  What purpose does that serve?  I guess it serves a purpose for the guy who is completely embarrassed by his body and has to try and act tough so his friends will at least talk about how strong he is.   As you get older all you care about and should care about is your health.  I’d rather look ripped and bench 100 lbs than be fat, gross, and nasty and bench 300 lbs.   That much I know.  But when you’re younger it simply isn’t that way.

How late they stayed out

“Dude I didn’t get home until 4am last night!”  So what!  Who cares?  I love that lie.  It means absolutely nothing and yet we’ve all been guilty of it.  How in the hell does getting home late mean you’re cooler?  Somehow it does.  It means you have staying power and you’re quite the partier.  Whatever man.   I love turning in early and I’m proud of it.

How much money they make/made

This is one that all men are guilty of no matter what age.  I shouldn’t really have to get into this one.   Money ain’t everything but even I don’t believe that sometimes.

That they Had Sex, Hooked up, etc etc When They Didn’t

Every guy lies about this.  They had sex when they didn’t.  They kissed a girl when they didn’t.   They said a girl liked them when she clearly didn’t.   All that matters is that one of them digs you for the rest of your life….in theory.


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