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Jul 17 2012

The Least Deserving Athletes on SI’s Fortunate 50

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We all know athletes make stupid money, but just because a player had a few good years at the right time, and the Free Agent market seems to make him a marquee name (Rashard Lewis), doesn’t mean he necessarily warrants a huge payday.

With Sports Illustrated releasing their Fortunate 50 list yesterday, highlighting the athletes who hit the jackpot’s with killer earnings, it got us thinking about some of the names on the list, and why some of them were really lucky every two weeks they got paid.

While most of them earned every penny by delivering on titles and with their production, a vast majority fell into the category that most teams would want a refund on. These are the guys we were shocked to see even got let in line to the private party, let alone actually had a seat waiting for them in the VIP section.

No. 12 – Joe Mauer

When healthy, dude’s an absolute stud, but there inlays the major problem, he’s been beat to crap the past couple years. Even though he somehow managed to make the All-Star team this year (thanks fan voting!), we’re still skeptical on him earning $23 million in salary this year, especially considering he has no power, and the Twins (and his commercials) blow.

No. 17 – Vernon Wells

For our money – no pun intended – we think Wells is the serious suck ass of this entire group. While there can be an argument from anyone that no baseball player is worth anything near $20+ million a year, one can’t defend a dude who hasn’t hit more than 33 homers in a season before making over $24 million. Aren’t these types of contracts reserved for perennial All-Stars and future Hall of Famers? Quick trivia. Who’s the second highest paid player in the game? Yep, f*ckin’ Wells; behind only A-Rod.

Nos. 27 and 34 – Kevin Garnett/Tim Duncan

It’s really hard putting these guys on this “Overpaid Suck List,” but facts are facts: they aren’t what they used to be. We get it, a lot of the money came from huge deals they signed while in their prime that were backloaded, but just because they’ll be future Hall of Famers and still play at a high level, doesn’t mean they deserve to be making more than current guys like LBJ or Durantula in terms of average salary.

No. 36 – Barry Zito

While we love Zito’s sense of mustache-humor and laid-back persona, once he left Oakland for the other side of the bay, he lost the ability to throw a baseball. Expected to be the ace of San Fran’s staff back when he signed in ’06, he had a career high 5.87 ERA last year, and wasn’t even on the Giants postseason roster a couple years ago when they won the World Series.

No. 43 – Kevin Kolb

The estimated Mega Millions jackpot for tonight’s drawing is $28 Million. After you deduct taxes, you come out to about $17 mill or so. Apparently, you can try your hand at the lotto, or you can try and groom yourself into a less than mediocre Quarterback of an NFL team. That’s what Kolb did, who’s getting 17 big ones from the Cardinals to compete for the starting role. Did we mention he’s only started 16 games total in his five-year career?

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