. Police Go Completely Hardo on Two Escaped Chimps in Las Vegas |

Jul 13 2012

Police Go Completely Hardo on Two Escaped Chimps in Las Vegas

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Two chimpanzees escaped a Las Vegas backyard and rampaged through a neighborhood Thursday, pounding on cars and jumping into at least one vehicle before police killed one primate and tranquilized the other, authorities said.

No people were hurt, but police said they had no choice but to kill after the agitated animals escaped their enclosure about 10 a.m. and started running through yards and opening car doors in a neighborhood of horse pens, palm trees and tile-roofed, landscaped homes.

Neighborhood resident David Plunkett said he saw the male chimpanzee jump on top of a police car — with its lights on and an officer inside — before the animal jumped to the ground and headed into a vacant lot.

The LVPD had to step up and smoke that chimp or lord knows what would have happened. He would have massacred dozens of people, slaughtered babies, created complete havoc. I’m sure today there’s a celebratory luncheon back at the station for the guy who shot a chimp. Are you fuggin serious?

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  • Frank

    Chimps can be really dangerous. Remember that lady who got her face ripped off by one? Albeit she had been abusing it or something. But in the wild, chimps are real assholes. They eat monkeys and even other chimps. Fuck that noise.

  • Damn dirty apes

    Frank’s absolutely right. Any chimp on the loose should be treated as a deadly threat and taken down. The male they killed was estimated at 150 lbs. They have many times the strength of an average person. Sometimes the police overreact but not this time. The only good chimp is a dead one.



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