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Jul 13 2012

Five Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Prostitute

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I’ve never partaken in the services of a prostitute.   And I think that chances are that since I haven’t up to this point and that I’m now married with a little one of the way,  the odds have gone from 1 in a million to about 0 in a million for the rest of my days.

I’d say once a year I get into this argument with my wife.  She feels very strongly against things like prostitution and cheating.   It’s not that I don’t feel strongly either.  It’s just that I think I can see the other side a bit better.  Or at least I keep an open mind.

And while my wife’s mind will stay shut, I still think it was important to write a piece on why for some dudes, getting a pro ain’t that bad.   Here are five reasons you should consider getting a prostitute….


It’s that simple.   If you’re in Vegas you never even have to leave your hotel room.  If you’re anywhere else, you probably don’t have to leave your home.   Oh and let’s not forget the whole not having to go out, meet a girl, and try your hardest to A. make her like you and B. however long that like turns into sex.    We’re talking instantaneous here.   Sometimes if you’re horny and you just want to have sex, calling a pro is the easiest thing you can do.   Just protect yourself.

You have no chance otherwise

People don’t take into account that not everyone is blessed with the ability to attract the other sex.   Whether it’s personality or looks or any other myriad of issues, if you simply couldn’t close the deal all these years then is it so bad to hire a lady to close the deal for you?  I mean there are people out there who simply want to have sex just to get it done.  There’s no easier way than forking over some dough and  making it happen.

There’s no work involved

This goes back to convenience.   Some dudes just want to have sex.  No strings, no relationship.  No nothing.   They want to have their fun for an hour and never have to worry about that day again (assuming they didn’t get a disease).   Hell most guys are wired this way.  In a relationship there’s zero chance of that happening.  ZERO.   So enlisting the help of a professional ensures that you will never have to worry about the “work” part of a relationship.

You get your choice of the woman

Unfortunately we don’t always have a choice in the matter when it comes to who our sexual partners are.   I mean we may want to have sex with every Playboy model on the planet.  Unfortunately they won’t all want to have sex with you.   At least with prostitution you get to choose the woman you will be bedding for the evening.

Zero Emotional Baggage

I can’t stress this one enough.   Getting a prostitute is about the closest thing to masturbating to porn there is.   Only it’s live and in person.  Mentally it can feel the same because you have no attachment to the female.  It’s purely physical.


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