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Jul 11 2012

Realistically Putting an End to Texting While Driving

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It’s probably one of the worst things I could possibly see as a driver.   It infuriates me to the point where I actually think I could murder someone.   When I see someone texting while driving, a rage builds in me that doesn’t feel like any other.  Thankfully we’re starting to scratch the surface of the problem.   I’m grateful that at least we’re beginning to see commercials that address the issue and that laws are being set up to prevent this awful awful crime.

People are dying out there.  It’s that simple.   People are dying because some people just can’t wait.   Seriously, that’s the issue.   People cannot wait.   They’re in their cars and they feel that whatever message they need to send is so important that their and other people’s lives just don’t matter.

We’re talking a matter of minutes here.   Or hell, pull over!  How hard is that?  And no matter how many commercials we see or lives lost, I simply don’t think texting while driving will decrease unless there’s more progressive monitoring or penalties put into place.

As far as I’m concerned there are two real ways to put a complete stop to texting while driving……

A Speedometer on Cellular and Smart Devices

Clearly the technology is out there.   There are so many apps and gadgets and whatever the hell else that you could easily implement some kind of speedometer on a cell or smart phone.   Once applied the government could agree on a specific speed at which all texting functions will cease to operate.  It’s that simple.  Let’s say it’s 10 mph.   You might then say “yeah well what about the train, boats. subway, etc etc?”  My answer to that is simple.   If you can’t wait to text because you’re on a train or a plane then you have bigger issues.  It’s really not hard.   Speed activate phones.   Take away the ability to text and you solve the problem.   Oh and as far as passengers in cars?  Screw them to.  Pay attention to the other people in the car!

Cameras in cars

This is the only other real way I can think of to stop the issue.  Clearly cameras at traffic lights don’t do enough because you can’t see someone texting on a highway and we can’t catch every person.   But what if there were mandatory cameras inside cars that would monitor the drivers?  The issues here are plentiful.  Privacy for one and how do you monitor each and every person?  I didn’t say this was a science but again, some kind of monitor or detection device that signals when a phone is being used by a driver would be a great deterrent.

Anyone else have any realistic ideas they want to throw out there?

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  • ismail

    I don’t think any of those are realistic and I would certainly strike against it to the best of my ability when passed. People will always find ways to get around things on phones. Its invasion of privacy among other things. Only way to implement it is to have a mandate that new cars have to have eye tracking.luxury cars already have this to make sure the driver isn’t falling asleep. It could track when the driver is looking down while driving and prompt them about it. Other options include sending messages by voice like siri.



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