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Jul 11 2012

I Would Love to Fish with These Girls

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If there’s one activity that I think is highly underrated up here in the Northeast, it’s fishing.   I mean technically it’s a sport and if I could have a job with Bass Masters I would sure as hell take it.   Don’t people realize how fun and relaxing fishing is?  Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you that I’m a fan.   I just feel like people up here don’t do it nearly enough.

But I can think of a few things that might get people to fish a little more.   One thing that works no matter what the situation?  You guess it:  hot girls.   I can tell you that if I were to fish with women that you’re about to see on a regular basis?  I’d sure be addicted to the sport.

Enjoy these fishing pics after the jump…..

Nice catch!

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