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Jul 05 2012

Why Living With Your Parents Can Be Cool

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Living with your parents isn’t exactly a magnet for girls to fall all over you. We get it. But what chicks might not understand is that shacking-up at the ol’ folks place can actually have its benefits.

While home for the holidays, we realized it’s like staying in a damn five star hotel. Towels laid out on the bed, free food at your disposal, and don’t forget about the fact you don’t have roommates on top of you like in the 1000 sq. foot apartment you’re sharing.

We’re not advising getting too comfortable kickin’ it on the couch, but if you need to demote yourself to still being “their baby boy,” then you might as well make the most of it.  Photo credit to Derek.

They Treat You Like An Adult

Sure, you might be playing videogames and coming home after midnight, but just because you act like you’re still 16, doesn’t mean they’ll actually treat you that way. It’s important to remember you’re probably a very capable human-being, who can gather thoughts and put together sentences with the best of ‘em. This will go far in not having to ask permission before doing anything.

You Typically Have No Rent

You’re almost definitely not scoring any ass if still with Mom and Dad, so sleep well at night knowing that your money isn’t being spent on a monthly payment to keep a roof over your head. Thanks to the fact they love you oh so much, your paychecks can go towards things you really like – alcohol, Chili’s, strip clubs, et al. If you’re a normal person, rent’s pretty much the most expensive thing in your month – unless you’re really into porn – so not having to pay it is pretty crucial.

Free Food

You know those mornings when you wake-up, rearrange everything in the fridge and pantry, but find nothing? Yeah, those days never happen at your parents. Thanks to your Mom’s twice-a-week grocery stops, you’re always hooked-up with sandwich meat, Sour Patch Kids, and potato chips. One day you’ll look back on these days and remember being treated like a King.

You Get to Chill With Your Dog

Man, we really miss our dog. What guy doesn’t? When living at home, you get to hangout with the mut that’s always been there for you, anytime you want! Decide to go for a run to pick up chicks? Go ahead and bring him along. Want a companion when you’re parents are out of town? He’s there for you too. This alone is enough of a factor to consider moving back home.

They’ll Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Your parents will never throw you under the bus like some friends might. When they have people over, not only is that a chance for you to mingle with people that can help land you a job, but if they ever talk crap about you, your Dad will talk about all your accomplishments and goals to shut ‘em up. If you ever have a bad day, your parents are always the first ones to brighten your day, so imagine that feeling all the time!

You Can Do Anything You Want

Unlike when you were a kid, there’s pretty much no consequences. You can stumble in hammered at 4am, sleep til 2pm, and get up and do it again that day. Go ahead and call some friends over to chill around the pool. Want those frozen pizzas? Preheat that oven! That convertible in the garage has your name all over it too. As long as you either have a job, or can convince them you’re “actively looking for one,” your parents will never be on your case… except for the History on the family computer.

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