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Jul 05 2012

Five Public Embarrassments We Try To Avoid at All Costs

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We’ve all been there and yet we simply can’t avoid every public embarrassment in our lives.   There are those that we can somewhat control and then those that we can’t.  I mean if someone pulls your pants down in front of a huge crowd there’s not much you can do about that one.

Then again if you drink coffee early in the morning, have no food or drink inbetween, chances are your breath will stink and you deserve whatever embarrassment comes your way.  Speaking of which, here are five public embarrassments we try to avoid at all costs…..

A horrible yet humorous fall

We’ve all been there.   We’re just standing around with our friends and we trip.   For practically no reason whatsoever we completely fall on our asses and look like idiots.   Thankfully these incidents don’t occur often but they certainly occur more times than we would like.

When everyone knows you farted

Whether it’s a sound or a smell it’s bad either way.  Sometimes you think you can get away with a fart and you just don’t.  You’re called out on it and there’s really nothing you can do other than own up to it.  Of course there are those who just don’t care at all and I envy those people.

Pit stains that you don’t even realize

No matter how much deodorant you put on, sometimes you simply can’t hide the fact that you’re sweating like it’s 100 degrees out.  And when you lift those arms there’s nothing you can really do.  I hate not being able to lift my arms freely in fear people will see my pit stains.

Any kind of private part protrusion

Your butt crack might be showing.  God forbid your fly is down and your little fella pops his head out.   If you’re a lady it’s the dreaded nip slip.  Any one of these is an embarrassing moment and we try to prevent them from happening.

Body odor or Bad Breath

Don’t you just hate it when you know your breath is kicking and there’s nothing you can do about it.   You’ll try and find some water because they might help neutralize it but ultimately you try not to talk because you know people are going to see what’s up.   Same goes for B.O.  Keep your distance.




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