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Jul 03 2012

Seven “If I Could Only” Ways To Be Productive

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I find it simply incredible how many minutes a day are wasted in our lives.  That’s not to say there isn’t a time to relax.   That’s not to say there aren’t times where you really should and deserve to do nothing but sit in a couch and be a vegetable.   I’m talking about the times where you actually are supposed to be productive.

It’s during these times that we still continue to find ways to waste time.   Our days get longer and we get less done.   Wouldn’t it be nice to make your days shorter, get more done, and at least have the option to be a lazy bum afterwards?

Here are seven ways you can achieve this…..

If Could Only Stop Checking My Email So Much

Imagine you only checked your email 3 times a day.   I mean seriously.  To most of us that sounds completely foreign.  3 Times a day?  Hell  I’ll check my email 3 times before you’re done reading this sentence.   But honestly do you realize how much more you’d get done if you stopped checking so much?

If I Could Only Do Exactly what I set out to Do That Day

When most of us wake up in the morning we have an idea of what we want to do in a day.   We’ll see it, visualize it, and never, ever act on it.   Somehow and in some way we get distracted by a myriad of things.  But imagine for one second if you actually stuck to a planner and did what you set out to do with no distractions?  I’d say I do this about once a year and man do I finish my work fast on those days.

If I Could Only Watch Less than 2 Hrs of TV a Day

The average American watches over 5 hrs of TV a day.  Yes, over 5 hrs.  Can you believe that?  So yeah, another 3 hrs in the day would in theory make us all more productive.  At the least it would give us a hell of a lot more time to waste more time.

If I Could Only Cut Out Porn Entirely

This is a given for just about any man on the planet.   It may be a no brainer but it still had to be said.

If I Could Only Get to the Gym on a Regular Basis

Exercise helps with so many mental and physical aspects of the body that doing so on a regular basis helps with every possible connection to productivity.  Less stress and anxiety frees up the mind and allows it to think clearer.  In turn you’ll be more productive.   Etc Etc.  I don’t have to tell you all of this.   Bottom line, a better body equals a better mind.   Hell even just breaking a sweat for 20 min a day helps.

If I Could Only Eat Better

See above about getting to the gym.  Same goes for eating well.

If I Could Only Sleep Better

I’m not talking about breaking up sleep into sections.  I’m talking about a solid 7-8 hours and going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning (including weekends).  Try this for a month and see how you feel.  You’ll be astonished.


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