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Jun 29 2012

Seven Scents That Really Remind You It’s Summer

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There are plenty of signals out there that tell us it’s summer.   The most obvious and most applicable to us males is the lessening of clothing worn by the opposite sex.   That’s always a real fun one.  Then there’s the opening of pools and other warmer weather activities.

Bottom line is that there are a ton.  But today I’d like to focus on smells specifically.  Perhaps no better signifier of summer comes than when we smell something in particular.

Here are seven scents that tell us summer is here.

That Beachy Ocean Spray Smell

Nothing reminds you more of summer than the smell of the beach.   Hell even if it’s that crappy odor where the beach is kind of stinky, it still smells like the beach.  And it’s still a smell that you really only whiff at in the summertime.   It’s a great smell, even if it’s bad.

Rain hitting the Pavement on a Hot Day

It’s a very distinct smell and one very different than rain hitting the sidewalk on a much colder day.   I think it’s because the tar or concrete is a bit softer and the rain hitting it produces a funk that’s more potent than a cooler day rain.   We all know this smell.

Freshly Cut Grass

I can’t tell you how much I love this smell.   It’s one of the best in the universe.   Nothing is more satisfying than taking a long walk in my development right after the landscapers mow everyone’s lawns.  It’s fantastic.

Any Kind of Fruity Cocktail

I’m particularly talking about a Pina Colada here but any “summery” cocktail will do.  Basically I’m referring to the smell of Melon and/or Pineapple.  Those are big summer fruits and a tell tale sign it’s time to get outside.

The Smell of Chlorine

Yeah it’s a little like semen but it still gives you that summer reminder doesn’t it?  When community pools are buzzing you’ll know it from that distinct chlorine smell.

Any Kind of Flower

I mean sure I can buy flowers in winter but I’m talking about smelling flowers outside.    When you get that sweet flower smell you know it’s time to go play golf.

Horse Hay or Even Horse Manure

Yes, even horse manure.  Hell I don’t even mind that smell to tell you the truth.

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