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Jun 28 2012

Our 2012 NBA Draft Dream Team

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The NBA Draft’s tonight, and while all the experts debate who should be taken after Anthony “Eyebrow” Davis, while trying to figure out how deep the talent level really is, we want to mix it up a little bit and build our super team from this year’s prospects. Anyone can look at a sheet of paper and randomly guess picks for a mock draft, so what’s the fun in that?

As the Miami Heat just showed us after this year’s Finals, money can buy you a title – although it takes some time to develop chemistry. So while it’d be easy to just pick the top six players in the Draft, we don’t think it’d necessarily lead us to a championship.

We obviously want a team with talent, but we’re picking dudes who knew their roles, and would devour the NBA together, a la the OKC Thunder.

So take a look at our Dream Team from this year’s draft, and let the debate begin on how good they’d really be together. Our guess? Multiple titles in a couple years.

C – Festus Ezeli, Vanderbilt

You might be thinking to yourself, “What the hell?” But when you look at the rest of our team, you’ll understand this pick. Ezeli played on a Vandy team that went to the Big Dance three of his four years – which for us proves he’s a winner with experience. He’s used to being the second or third option offensively, and can throw ‘bow’s with the big dudes down low for boards and blocks. He’s the Ben Wallace of our team: Blue f*cking collar.

PF – Anthony Davis, Kentucky

What? You honestly don’t think we’d take the best player in the entire draft? He’s the belle of the ball, so we’re teaming everyone else around him – leaving some wiggle room in case he doesn’t pan out as expected. Putting him with Ezeli down low would make guards think twice before coming into the lane, while utilizing his ball skills offensively would stretch him away from the basket and open up the lane. If this team were real, we’d be salivating at the possibilities.

SF – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky

Our classic “glue guy,” MKG is the Scottie Pippen of our team. He doesn’t demand the ball, he has plenty of room to grow, and his work ethic’s exactly what teammates would need to see. When we’re trying to run, we’ll let him be the finisher. When we slow it down, he’ll be the facilitator, who can focus on shutting down the LeBron’s, Durant’s, and Kobe’s of the world.

SG – Terrence Ross – Washington

Someone needs to put the ball in the basket, so who better than T-Ross? While there’s other two-guards who definitely have more talent (Brad Beal, Jeremy Lamb), for this team, Ross would fit perfectly because of his size and ability. He shoots decently from the floor and line, and wouldn’t need to jack up shots to get his points. We liken him to Luol Deng for the Bulls, who can quietly get 17-20 points, but not take the heat if his team loses.

PG – Kendall Marshall, North Carolina

This is the guy we want running our club. A true point, he controls the game like Jason Kidd, looking for the open man and hot hand, rather than the star who needs the ball every time down the floor. He’s a pass-first guy, who limits turnovers, while contributing just enough points when needed.

Sixth Man – Draymond Green, Michigan State

An absolute winner, Green does all the little things. He may be a little undersized – and we wonder what position he actually plays at time – but he’s so dynamic that he’ll find a way to succeed. We debated between he and Damian Lillard at this spot, and while Lillard’s scoring was really tempting (24.5 ppg), we decided Green’s intangibles outweighed instant offense off the bench.

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